“Twenty Again” Episode 15 Video + Written Previews

I am behind! I haven’t watched the last four episodes (ugh, work in the way!), so, I know I’m missing out on good stuff, but at the same time, Twenty Again ends this week … So, subconsciously, am I delaying the goodbye? Hehe.

Despite that rather perturbed expression on Hyun Suk’s face at the end of this preview, I think all will be better and better for him and No Ra … I mean, after all, there are just two episodes left! 🙁 Hmmm, can there be a kiss next episode?



Episode 15 Written Preview (c/o MinLyn from Soompi)

After his straightforward confession, facing a cowering No Ra, Hyun Suk tells her, “You said that you don’t like me, then prove it to me!”

Hyun Suk uses this as a pretext to go on various kinds of dates with No Ra.

 In the meanwhile, someone has taken a photograph of Woo Chul giving the cake to the female college student.

 When Woo Chul receives the photo, he has a hunch that the entire incident might have been a set up by Yi Jin. After pondering over it, he goes to look for Yi Jin and questions her about it.

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