“Bubblegum” 8-Minute Long Preview + Another 30-Second Episode 1 Peek

A long preview is out or Bubblegum, and I think the drama shows a lot of promise! Or is it the mood and cinematography that are attracting me? Ultimately, I hope it’ll be the writing.

The show will have conflicts, but they don’t seem makjang. However, I do hope there won’t be any parental disapproval to put a wedge between the leads. Their friendship seems complicated and maybe it will be romance that will ruin it? That is, their romance with other people … Isn’t that Lee Jong Hyuk in bed with Jung Ryeo Won?

Will this drama string us along for a long while before the OTP are brought together? If so, then, I hope it won’t feel draggy and will actually make us addicted to the story.



Source  |  tvN DRAMA


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