Upcoming K-Drama: Answer Me 1988

I’m really looking forward to this drama the most for this season. I’ve been anxiously waiting for it, hoping it will be shown sooner than expected. It has been delayed until finally the wait is OVER!

I used to stay with my grandmother while my parents are at work. As a kid, I think the radio program my grandmother used to listen to sounded the same like the teaser above. Though I’m too young then to remember the difference now. PD Shin Won Ho and writer Lee Woo Jung will definitely bring us back to 1988 when life is slow and simple, compared to our current lifestyle. I trust the tandem so much, I hope this series won’t disappoint me.

Three Families Under One Roof (MBC) is the inspiration behind the series. The most notable characters from the previous Answer Me will be part of the new ensemble. As much as I’m excited to see them again, I think the main cast is interesting enough to lure me in deeper. The teasers aren’t very helpful, plot wise. It simply showed us a glimpse of life in the 80’s. I am anxiously waiting for more.

Two more weeks! Can November 6 come any sooner?

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