Bubblegum Episode 2 Preview

Park Ri Hwan (Lee Dong Wook) is the funniest best friend ever lived in a Korean drama. Kim Haeng-a (Jung Ryeo Won) is one lucky girl to have someone like him. She’s suffering from a broken heart and to have a friend to be with just makes any problem bearable. I’m already loving their dynamics. Apart from that, the background music is already lingering in my ears! I want to listen to it more.

Watching Episode 1 raw made me anxious to wait for subtitles just to understand the story better. I hope the subbing team for this drama will be able to produce the subtitles when I wake up later. It’s already late on my end, so I’ll just leave you with the preview for Episode 2. It doesn’t really show enough clue as to what will happen tomorrow. It is vague for me since I can’t understand Korean. *sigh*

From the looks of it, Ri Hwan is going to ask for a favour for his best friend’s sake. Also, he’d be going on a blind date to meet a potential wife-to-be. Well, we can’t let an arranged marriage story line slip by. Though I fervently wish for less cliche. Jebal!

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