“She Was Pretty”: Park Seo Joon & Hwang Jung Eum Are Snuggle Buddies + Episode 12 Video & Written Previews


She Was Pretty is out to get fans’ hearts racing with this Onion Couple’s scene. While it is worrisome that he’s in the hospital, it looks like Hye Jin will be joining Sung Joon in his sick bed, where they cuddle and possibly even kiss …

The preview’s not bad either 😉


Episode 12 Video Preview, c/o yaqiyuki


Episode 12 Written Preview, c/o yaqiyuki

“I will not runaway now”

Shin Hyuk returns to The Most editing team and offers help for the 20th anniversary special issue.
He also pretends nothing happened with Hye Jin.
Ha Ri, who meets Hye Jin again, apologizes sincerely and supports Sung Joon and Hye Jin.
Meanwhile, Sung Joon is struggling to get the The Most’s sales counts back to number 1 …



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