So Ji Sub Sneaks Up On Shin Min Ah In First “Oh My Venus” Teaser

Oh My Venus now has a welcome mat at the doorstep of KBS’s website. Not much on there, except for So Ji Sub‘s pumping iron video and the show’s first teaser!

It’s a fun first peek.  Shin Min Ah is, of course, cute, but it’s So Ji Sub who gets to me with the childish expression he flashes his co-star as he adds pounds to her scale. What a sneak!

As the scale says, Oh My Venus premieres on November 16!




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  • juliesean says:

    Ohhhh…. I love So Ji Sub in romcoms. Can’t wait for this. Casting is awesome, now I hope the script lives up it. How many times have we experienced having a great cast but the script became a train wreck?

  • heartoppaya says:

    Since this is a romcom and SJS is amazing in them, we will get a GHJ cameo? Puhleeeeeaaaaseeeee….

  • Beez says:

    I know I’ll be watching just because SJS is in it, but I hope this was a promo and not an actual scene from the series because it looked so staged. How do you hide from someone in a room that bare? And the scale looks so out of place in that room. It was cute and I enjoyed it as a promo. But I don’t want to watch a drama that will have me constantly poking at the holes in it.

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