Bubblegum Episode 4 Video Preview

OMO! It’s just the second week and we get to see a KISS?! Why did Ri Hwan do that?! This show is making me more anxious!

Anyhow, I got a hint that Ji Hoon and Tae Hee had a romantic past based on last week’s episode. What exactly happened to them? I think the supporting casts also have an interesting story that I want to explore as well. Nobody is without a purpose, and I love that everyone is significant.

While we all wait for subtitles, here is the Episode 4 Video Preview. Share your thoughts!


  • kamoe says:

    i was literally screaming when i saw the kiss. lol. i’m curious whether it’s just jealousy or rihwan realized that he has different feeling toward haeng-a. can’t wait for next episode!

    someone translated the characters’ background in soompi, taehee and jihoon was lovers but they broke up because jihoon is an alcoholic and taehee hate it. her father is an alcoholic too

  • ckphoenix ckphoenix says:

    I usually don’t read any character reference because I like to discover things for myself. But thanks for the info Kamoe! 🙂

    – leila

  • Fuufuu says:

    I so darn loving this drama right now. Yeah a kiss…how exciting

  • mei says:

    I restrained from watching this, at least I tried. Now I felt that all my kdrama veins are back alive and I’d be dead due to agony of waiting for new episodes to be out! Should have waited until the whole drama is fully subbed. Last drama I religiously followed weekly to watch was Oh My Ghostess. And now, why did I even checked episode 1 of Bubble Gum? Why? Why? Now I’m stucked lurking again, finding the fastest recappers and subbers out on the web.

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