“Oh My Venus”: Shin Min Ah Is An Enviable Gym Class Goddess


Shin Min Ah continues to reacquaint herself with high school for her show, Oh My Venus.

The show’s marketing team dropped new stills of our heroine looking effortlessly beautiful even in shapeless gym clothes and surrounded by female classmates shooting her snide glances. At what exactly might the girls be sneering?

Apparently, this scene, which was filmed last month at an Inchone high school, involves a P.E. exam, and it looks like Min Ah’s Kang Joo Eun might be reviewing the results of her test. Perhaps they’re impressive?

Meanwhile, the envious girls in class strain their eyes, trying to peek at her paper. Fast forward to present day, and some of these students might feel smug at the weight the goddess has put on. Of course, until So Ji Sub‘s Kim Young Ho whips her back into shape.

Oh My Venus will premiere on KBS on November 16.




Source  |  Sports Chosun


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