“Imaginary Cat”: Yoo Seung Ho Is The Perfect Cat Butler


Yoo Seung Ho may have found the co-star of his dreams in the cat that plays his lovable Boggil.

The latest Imaginary Cat stills reveal our hero showering his feline buddy with lotsa love. He flashes a toothy smile as he rubs its belly during playtime. In another scene, he fondly looks at it while cupping its whole head in his hands. However, Seung Ho’s affection for the cat extends beyond the rolling cameras; he has bonded with it even offscreen.

Everyone will be uttering a collective “awww” at such moments when Imaginary Cat airs on November 24!




Source  |  Xportsnews



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  • Jen says:

    I love your thoughts about Imaginary Cat. I am so excited about this. I love the images of Boggil and Hyunjong! However, I am not so sure about the leading lady……

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