Shin Min Ah Plumps up For “Oh My Venus”

With special makeup (and other physical artificial adjustments), Shin Min Ah has gained over 60 lbs. (from 47 kg to 77 kg) for her role in Oh My Venus.

New stills have unveiled our lawyer heroine donning glasses and with fuller cheeks, but at any size, Shin Min Ah is a natural beauty. And I can’t wait to see our hero begin to fall for her character even when she’s voluptuous. 🙂 At least, I hope that’s a scenario.



Source  |  Newsen



  • paloma says:

    I was kind of worried about how they would portray the weight gain but this looks very natural and believable. Like you I hope the script has it as SJS at least starting to fall for her before the weightloss.

    And I am already dreaming about the chemistry between these two so really can’t wait! ♡.♡

  • Beez says:

    Awwwww, the face prosthetic is hiding her dimples.

  • nahaluk says:

    God, I hope her real weight is not 47kg and at it’s maybe 57kg. At 47kg she would be a skeleton…

  • Annandale says:

    I am 77 kg 😡😩😩😡😡

  • ObessiveCompulsive says:

    47kg she does look like she weighs more then that, she looks normal weight so either way she wins 🙂

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