Third Teaser Gives Us a First Real Peek Into “Oh My Venus” and …

So Ji Sub gets his first real look of Shin Min Ah‘s extra flesh upon their characters’ initial meeting … I’m assuming it’s their first meeting.

There might be some predictable scenarios, but as usual, it’ll be their journey that will make this show compelling for a lot of viewers, like how she gains weight perhaps because of her escalating struggles to help her family. Meanwhile, does our hero simply value a healthy body or is fitness also an outlet for some emotional issues?

For me, the bigger question is this: How often will we be treated to So Ji Sub’s partly naked, well worked-out body? I think every fitness scene should be followed up by a shower scene, yeah? 😀



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  • Newbie says:

    That’s an interesting thought about fitness being an outlet for emotional problems!
    Wouldn’t it be great, if this show would find a balance between eating healthy and also working out healthy?
    Just read some news today, that sport is the only socially accepted addiction here in Germany. Working out like a maniac is admired and not recognized as the problem that it is.

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