Bubblegum Episode Six Video Preview

I’m really loving this drama! I’ve mentioned before that all characters are significant. Now that we are getting to know them better, I am beginning to be involved in each relationship.

Ji Hoon and Tae Hee are simply adorable as individuals, even if they are separated now I can feel the love. I think Ji Hoon just needs to be man enough for Tae Hee to accept him again. I’d like to convince myself they have a second chance. Tae Hee is a tough cookie that only Ji Hoon could tame.

On the other hand, I’m loving Ri Hwan and Haeng Ah more and more! It may seem early to conclude but I love how their relationship progress every episode. I’m loving the pace! I’ve never seen a relationship this bold in a long time! I’m so glad we have Ri Hwan. It’s about time to have someone who is not afraid to take risks and just go for what his heart dictates in every decision he makes.

Don’t you love how Lee Dong Wook portrays Park Ri Hwan?! I DO!! I need to catch up with my recap. I hope you are all patiently waiting for it 🙂


  • nini says:

    Simply love the show(and the background score!). love it. Agree with everything you said. and yeh, Lee Dong Wook as Ri Hwan.. (sigh).. just.. (sigh).

  • LizJ says:

    Yeah, I love Lee Dong Wook. Loved him in Hotel King (unfortunately the show was too long) and Blade Man (unfortunately, the plot lost focus) too. It’s nice to see him in a lighter role. But…I still want to see The Smirk at least one time in this show.

    If you don’t know what I’m talking about, hunt down one of the earlier episodes of Blade Man where he starts running and trying out his powers (on a bridge, I think). Wait for it, you’ll get a glimpse. He had more opportunity to use it in Hotel King but I don’t remember a specific scene.

  • nahaluk says:

    If you want to see a smirk go watch “Wild Romance”. He had a blast making that drama!

  • nahaluk says:

    Why I can’t edit?! I meant “see a smirk”!

  • mei says:

    Because of Bubble Gum, I started watching Blade Man all weekend, just couldn’t get enough of him. Maybe I will try to see Hotel King this weekend. He is just so adorable in rom-coms!

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