“Oh My Venus” Long Preview Shows So Ji Sub Is A Sexy Picker-Upper

Oh My Venus just had its press conference, so, drum roll please for the long preview! 🙂

So Ji Sub‘s character doesn’t come off as a too smug rich guy, and I hope I’m not wrong with that impression. Certainly, he’s drawn to her character, being very chivalrous early on during her humiliating moments.

So, will he fall for Shin Min Ah‘s chubby character or will that come after she loses all the pounds?




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  • myra do says:

    We’re all waiting for it’s release, with SO JI SUB & CHIN MIN AH as main casts, this will definitely be a good comedy romantic Modrama to watch for! With a very good supporting actors, we’re pretty sure this will be a great hit! See you all!

  • Joyce Yagoda says:

    Look, I have several male friends, who are not assh@les and they are gym buffs! As good and as kind as they are, and they are good catholic boys, they would not feel they have anything in common with a couch potatoe! If a guy comes across as not being interested in a certain type of woman, do mark him with a scarlet letter! Some men do like thin, as well as heavy, as well as pretty, besides ugly! I even know some guys who prefer women 35 years their senior. If that particular guy as handsome as he is does not want the neighborhood’s beautiful youth, I would hope you would feel the same about age, race, religion! Who knows why people are attracted, to whomever, but it does not make them monstrous!

    The show is not meant to be serious, so just relax, enjoy it because you do not know when he will sign up for another! If their is too much controversy, it may be a long time! People complained about Master’s Sun Joo Joo— whatever and now, their are those who wished he were more like him. You are damned if you do and damned if you don’t!

  • Joyce Yagoda says:

    That is do not mark him with a Scarlett letter!

    • goodange says:

      I appreciate your post, Joyce, but you’re reading too much into my article … reading things that aren’t really there. No one said or implied anything about him being monstrous. Just asking a simple question, which really is referring more about the possible narrative this show might take. It’s good to be passionate, but really, this is just a simple, innocuous write-up. I recommend you take your own suggestion, and take it easy on the exclamation points and relax. 🙂

  • Eliza Bennet says:

    It looks cute and funny with the right amount of angst.

    And I have watched Cain and Abel in its entirety for So Ji Sub, so this one will probably be a breeze even if not as good as I hoped. I just hope that his role is comedy heavy since he is unexpectedly good in comedy.

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