tvN Brandishes First “Cheese in the Trap” Teaser, And …

Everyone say YAY! 🙂

Although Cheese in the Trap won’t be airing until January 4, tvN has already released a teaser for it. It’s only 15 seconds, but production has been teasing us about this show for many, many months now, so, however long and early, we’ll take it!

I wasn’t really sure about Kim Go Eun (not having seen her in anything before), but even with this little teaser, I’ve gained some confidence in her as the “mousy” lead. Meanwhile, we’ll have to see other teasers just to get a better idea about Park Hae Jin‘s “dark” character.

Anyway, enjoy!




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  • humbledaisy says:

    I’ve been reading along with the webtoon and I still find it hard to understand. Is she the cheese or is he? I guess all that indecision stuff is fodder for the drama plot. The webtoon does goes on and on so I’m hoping they’ll be cutting the intensely dull “I’m studying but now – I”m not studying.” scenes to make this a manageable length. I’m not complaining – I like it – but it is completely Slice of Life.

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