“Oh My Venus” Episode 1 Video & Written Previews

Health wise, it might not be good for our heroine to have those extra pounds. On the one hand, she also doesn’t look all that bad to me, disregarding the moments when she’s being a slob. She’s still cute and seems to carry a charming feistiness, and the chubbiness definitely doesn’t diminish her chemistry with So Ji Sub‘s character. (It is weird, though, that the “overweight” makeup has taken away her dimples.) However, it will be fun watching her go through all the fitness drills with our hero and his sidekicks.

I can’t believe the show’s premiering this Monday already, but I’m excited … especially to see lots of So Ji Sub’s rippling muscles!



Episode 1 Written Preview, c/o soojeons from Soompi

“I can do anything, no matter what it takes!”

After 15 years, Joo Eun’s dream of becoming a lawyer was fulfilled, but the beauty she possessed like her face and body had long disappeared due to the amount of time she spent studying (instead of working out/taking care of her face). After finishing a business meeting in the States, she returns to Korea on a flight. On this flight, Joo Eun suddenly faints and the man who saves her is Young Ho, personal trainer to the Hollywood stars.



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  • paloma says:

    I totally agree that she still looks lovely and adorable either way! 😀

    I’ve seen a lot of ppl taking the weight stats and applying them to themselves (i.e. for someone like me who hasn’t been 44 kg since elementary school this can cause great dismay lol!) but rather I think of what my comfortable weight is for myself and then imagine adding 40lbs to it. Like you mentioned that would probably not be healthy.

    So I’m all here for seeing her battle against herself to get back to her comfortable place. And hopefully have it mean more for herself than revenge sooner than later. ;p

    And ooohhh how blessed we truly all our to have So Ji Sub (and his glorious muscles ;)) once again gracing our screens each week!

    Can’t wait for Monday!!

    • goodange says:

      My thoughts exactly. As far as the narrative goes, I’m hoping she will eventually lose the weight for herself even if it doesn’t start out that way.

      I can actually relate to her character already. Heh, and I imagine a lot of viewers will.

  • Myra says:

    I don’t see why we should mention her health…that’s none of our business, she looks cute, period.
    Anyway I kinda dread this drama because I’ve seen She Was Pretty and Birth of a Beauty…there’s always a transformation of the body while the heroine doesn’t really want it nor need it. Kdramas handle beauty and weight poorly in my opinion…is it a trend now? Why can’t we have a drama like My Name is Kim Sam Soon where the heroine stayed chubby?

    • Myra says:

      Sorry, I didn’t want to be so negative, and that’s not a personal attack on your blog post, just me not getting my hopes up.

      • goodange says:

        LOL. You’re okay. I’ve had worse. There have been a few who’ve been rather passionate about their comments when it comes to my Oh My Venus articles, which really are innocuous. LOL. I’m not sure how to make my posts tamer. But it’s all right. I’m not taking it personally.

        I really don’t mean anything else about her health, but the drama does show her eating unhealthily, so, narrative wise, there is that motivation to get fit. But really, the extra weight, even if artificial, does not diminish how cute/pretty she is.

        I actually also wish this would take a cue from My Lovely Samsoon, my favorite K-drama of all time, and the US show Drop Dead Diva. I would love to have another heroine who is chubby. Considering that Min Ah is wearing a chubby suit, though, it’s pretty much expected she’ll have a skinny transformation. Sigh.

  • kgsully says:

    I really want this drama to be like the Seconding Coming of Kim Sam Soon…but should I not get my hopes up? 🙁

    If this drama has her keep on the “fat” suit for the whole series I will be SO PROUD.

    • goodange says:

      The fact that Shin Min Ah is in a fat suit and didn’t gain weight for the role like Kim Sun Ah did, has pretty much shot down my hope of another chubby heroine. 🙁 The fat suit gives Min Ah’s character an “easier” skinny transformation in a 16-episode narrative.

      One of these days, I hope we’ll have another Kim Samsoon.

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