First “Remember” Stills of Yoo Seung Ho

Do you prefer him playful and casual like his Imaginary Cat character? Or do you like your Yoo Seung Ho forlorn yet smartly put-together like his Remember character?

He has portrayed mature roles before, but this is the most grown up Yoo Seung Ho has seemed to me. Despite being a genius 23-year-old lawyer, his character also has the vulnerability of a little boy in these stills.

The character, Seo Jin Woo, has an impressive memory, and he becomes a lawyer to help prove the innocence of his indicted father; however, as he does so, he is stricken with Alzheimer’s. Yoo Seung Ho has wicked acting chops, so, it’s practically a guarantee that with this kind of plot, he’ll have viewers weeping during some poignant moments.

I don’t know if this is one of those moving scenes, but he sure seems troubled in these stills. Seung Ho, wearing a suit underneath a burgundy coat, filmed the scene  on November 12 at the Ilsan Tanhyeon Subtropical Ecology Park. His deep eyes communicate a variety of emotions in just one scene alone, and although we won’t be exposed to it till later, his voice is persuasive, full of conviction.

It is said that after every shoot, he would rush to the monitor (probably to check his performance) and talk to the staff. He showed a lot of professionalism and tried to get feedback to perfect his acting.

Watch Yoo Seung Ho move us when Remember debuts on December 9 on SBS.




Source  |  Newsen




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