Reply 1988 First Impressions: I can’t help falling in love AGAIN

I’m so excited to be on board watching one of the most successful K-drama franchise. Are you all prepared for the hunt? I know that we’ve been expecting not to have the same dilemma. One was enough, two is too much but here we go again with a third round!

Nonetheless, this is a crazy beautiful concept, so instead of complaining I will just seat back and enjoy. Anyway, I can’t make any changes whoever the husband is because it’s been decided beforehand. I’m still mending a broken heart, but I think Reply 1988 presents another charming story that we can all love until the end.

Join me!

Meeting the kids on the block:

They all live in the same neighbourhood, almost as one family only separated by the street. Each mother can easily call their children just by shouting from their own house, and the kids will hear it across another. The five family is closely knitted, sharing food is the norm. It’s nice to experience that the relationship they have is thicker than blood.

Yoo Dong Ryoung (Lee Dong Hwi) – He always get himself into trouble that his Teacher Dad is having a hard time disciplining him. He is an easy target for any bully. That being said, he brings the F in FUN and Friends. Without him, I think the boys’ life would be boring. He brings trouble that turns a boy to a man.

Kim Jung Hwan (Ryu Joon Yeol) – He’s intelligent and well-off compared to his friends. He’s  the kind who will go the extra mile to fight and dance for a friend. He’s a ball of contradiction but his layered character makes him endearing.

Taek (Park Bo Gum) – He’s the genius baduk player. His room serves as the official headquarter (HQ) of the gang. He’s the silent type, but deadly! He’s determined and driven to succeed. Is this the same mantra he has for love too?

Sun Woo (Go Kyung Pyo) – He’s the sweetest son ever. He is the class president, the cutest, the kindest, the most lovable among the guys. Yup, that makes him the perfect candidate to break our hearts.

Sung Deok Sun (Hyeri) – She’s the middle child who always sacrifice for the sake of her siblings. She has the softest heart like her Dad but with a tough exterior like her Mum. She’s the only girl in the group who manage to capture some of the guy’s heart.

Husband, who [the fudge] are YOU?!? 

Sun Woo?

The chocolates was inside his bag! Deok Sun likes him. I thought that these are valid clues for the husband. But due to the recent episode, we can now safely eliminate him.

I have to say, I enjoyed him being part of the hunt even for just a brief moment. Sun Woo is someone you can bring home to the parents and proudly declare to the world as your husband. He has all the necessary attributes (inside and out), so I didn’t wonder why Deok Sun likes him. It’s so easy to fall for the sweet guy next door.

Well his angle with Deok Sun is one-sided, it is obvious that it’s all her. He’s not reciprocating any affection nor does he notice Deok Sun exist as a potential mate. Heh. Go Kyung Pyo is adorable in this role and I can’t be any happier that he’s not gonna break my heart.


He is such a sweet surprise! I know that there’s more to him than just the famous baduk player. I love the depth of his character, not just as the silent loner, but a man wounded by the death of his mother and a man risking everything to win. I think we barely just scratched the surface of who he really is. I can’t wait to learn MORE about him!

Love changes things. I think it’s a nice twist that we can have him as a potential husband. He needs something outside his norm to keep him alive. He’s almost dead playing the baduk almost 24/7. Deok Sun might be a catalyst for him to realise that there’s more to life than just the black and white. Love will add color to his life and it’s so nice that Deok Sun could bring that.

Jung Hwan?

It must be his hidden smile, or his subtle ways of showing he cares for Deok Sun that I can’t help but love the more I see it. Love is an experience, and what a wonderful journey he is having now! Even though he’s hurting, this just proves how real his growing love for Deok Sun is.

The bickering, his captivating smile, his patience waiting for Deok Sun to arrive in the wee hours, staying up late worrying about her safety, protecting her and hurting on the side due to jealousy are all familiar emotions one goes through when in love. He’s already trudging a rough road. But he’ll survive, he’s a tough cookie!

Personal Thoughts:

We are back in the guessing game! The difference now is I’m prepared with a guarded heart and an open mind. Moreover, I would rather give more importance to the details and the heart of the show which is each member of the family and the friendship that is build through time.

Sung Dong Il still makes me cry, either of laughter or sadness, without fail. I love that his relationship with Lee Il Hwa is different from the previous Answer Me series. Sure, they still bicker and shout like someone is deaf whenever they talk. Here, Dong Il version 3.0 is not a sweet husband. I dig it! Some imperfection doesn’t hurt, you know. I’m also loving Kim Sung Kyun, he’s such a loving husband who values his family more than his own. Though I cringe seeing most of his antics. But my love for him will still accept anything he do.

Most of my favourite scenes come from Jung Hwan. I’m trying hard not to be swayed by him, too much. But I can’t help it! LOL. Though now, I’m leaning on just enjoying his journey more than desperately praying to the high heavens he is the husband. What a difference a broken heart [like mine] makes!


I was torn in this moment. Is he breathless from running or because Deok Sun is so near, he can’t breathe!?  I would like to believe it’s the latter. And in that umbrella scene, dude, how can I not fall for you more?? Jung Hwan is slowly but surely falling more in love with Deok Sun, but he doesn’t know what to do with what he feels. He can’t expect Deok Sun to notice him if he’s not blatant enough to make her understand the meaning behind his gestures. She will remain oblivious until the day he confess. So drama, when will this happen?? I’m anticipating for this. But for now, I won’t mind Jung Hwan’s unrequited love and the torture of experiencing it all over again through him.

To be in a group dominated by boys, of course the boys would just treat Deok Sun as “one of them”. Though I believe that in time the boys will notice the rose growing beautifully beside them. Taek and Jung Hwan is already onto something. Honestly speaking, every guy is fair game. If all I know the husband could be Dong Ryoung!

I’m simply a viewer here. I’ll try hard not to be swayed. Good luck with me!


  • sskuwair says:

    OMG I’m totally agree with you!
    Jung Hwan is so sweet, I can’t help but to fall for him. His love for Deok Sun is so pure and cute.

  • mona says:

    i fell in love with jung hwan charms. he is amazing.
    jung hwan & duk sun fighting
    i want to watch more of them

  • Renu Rawat says:

    Its Jung Hwan, no doubt. I was waiting for reviews on Couch Kimchi. Thank you for writing.
    And yes even I fell in love with Reply series again. 🙂

  • liz says:

    Follwing answer 1997, answer 1994 it is JungHwan. It is just people were stubborn with answer 1994 and Chilbong. The clues Kfans found were always and are always pointed to the real husband: 1994: Trash 1988 JungHwan, doesn’t help Taek’s character is based on a real person… if you read his real story, he marries someone much younger than him.

  • Catalina says:

    I can’t agree more with you.
    I try to not love too much Jung Hwan, just because I know it will painfully broke, if he’s not the one. So I try repeating myself Choi Taek is sweet and has a killer smile, and so on everyone’s charm.

    Both of them deserve to have a successful lovelife.
    Though Dong Ryeong is not my cup of tea, I have to admit he’s not dummy or funny only. He sometimes shows his wise side. Either way, they all are such nice and lovely guys. They can’t be badmouthed.

    I just loved the scene in last episode (or was it episode 7?), when Jung Hwan grabbed Duk Seon’s face and told her to deeply wonder why is he so nice to her. My heart just stopped working, alongside my lungs. He shone, he was breathtakingly handsome.
    Honestly, every episode makes me love his character, deeper and deeper.

    I couldn’t help posting my love towards him.

    Before I forget, this drama is totally worth it.

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