Yo! It’s the 3rd & 4th Teasers for “Cheese in the Trap”!

Yay! New teasers are out for Cheese in the Trap!

In the third teaser, male leads Park Hae Jin and Seo Kang Joon bicker while Kim Go Eun gets toxic as she tries to get them to drink with her. However, despite their differences, they’re still able to look out for our cute, inebriated heroine when she begins to zonk out.

While having barbecue with Lee Sung Kyung, the boys also ignore her as she offers them a bite of meat; however, it seems this time, the two, hot guys make up while ticking off their female companion. LOL. She seems to even terrify our hero with a dark side.

The drama’s first episode will air on January 1!




Source  |  tvN DRAMA


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