“Cheese in the Trap” 5-minute Preview

I’ve been looking forward to Cheese in the Trap, but this long preview really has me wishing that tomorrow would be January 4th already! A great OST will do that to me … as well as the chemistry and the little bits of romance we see in the preview. 😉

A bit of the hero’s darkness is shown here, but there sure are loads of sweetness and eye twinkling when he smiles. Swoon! 😀




Sources  |  Credit to uploader  |  Soompi, c/o maboroshi



  • myra do says:

    Watching the preview fascinate us, quite intriguing and romantic. Rest assure to keep our watch for it’s airing. Hope the story and each character would surprise us. Thanks!

  • Saphia says:

    Thoguh I don’t speak Korean, thanks to my watching dramas I could get the jist of what they were saying.
    This looks promising, though it looks quite dreamy and airy I hope they really do play on the mystery of the main leads myster/dark side.

  • Jazzelm says:

    wow, i have never seen a 5-minute preview that did not make me bored…except this one. Didnt even notice the time fly, definitely cant wait jan 4th!

  • trotwood says:

    Why is this starting AFTER I have to go back to work. WHYYYYYYY?!?!?!?!

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