Flavour of the Week: Ryu Joon Yeol

See that smile? #OhMyHeart! Can we have more of that, please?

Ryu Joon Yeol is really an amazing discovery not only for the week but for the year. He is currently slaying the hearts of all Team Jung Hwan in Answer Me 1988.

Rye Jun Yeol is a type of guy that you’d fall in love with, not at first sight, but when you get to know and see him more. I’m totally swooning in his scenes, especially with Hye Ri. I’m also frustrated with how slow he is in making “the moves” (or the lack thereof) but I do understand where he’s coming from. He’s thinking whether or not to cross the DMZ, that’s how dangerous he is right now.  I mean, it’s not just about pursuing Deok Sun but the danger of breaking his friendship with Taek. This is not an ideal situation though I have to admit I do want to strangle him and say “Don’t overthink, just love her!”. Then again, it’s his call not mine. I don’t want to torture myself for the second time.

I started noticing Jung Hwan way back in Episode 1, when he was acting so cool while his family were all cheering for Deok Sun as she appears on TV for the Olympics opening ceremony. His smile had me at hello. When I saw him dance, he just killed me. The moment he finally realised that he likes Deok Sun, I think Ryu Joon Yeol sent me over to the moon. The umbrella-rainy-scenes and all the bus scenes with Hye Ri are amazing ways to fall more in love with him. And when he showed his love for his parents, I thought to myself he should be the husband. But then Taek happen.. both guys deserve love and I don’t know how this series will give them that.

Moving on.

I love to see you with Deok Sun. Jung Hwan-ah, my patience is long, but don’t make me hate waiting for you. DO SOMETHING. Make that move and don’t back-out any longer.

See you next time! I’m off to watch Episode 16 before the two weeks hiatus starts.



  • mariazzang says:

    Netizens are describing him as Tsundere 츤데레 ツンデレ which I totally agree that is the very essence of his character Jung Hwan.

    Thanks for this post. It’s good to swoon and gush with others about Ryu Jun Yeol and share the love!

  • Mona says:

    jun yeoRyu face of the year, he ia an yeiaamazing actor, he is so talented , he is cool and was the best choice for jung hwan character
    Everything about him is perfect specially his smile that killing me

  • Nori Eda says:

    Team Jung Hwan all the way….Man up, please…Tell Deok Sun your feeling for her, please…

  • an says:

    Team Jung Hwan!!! I love Ryu Joon Yeol, he was my favorite find of this year… more or less tying with Park Bo Gum (because of IRY). I still think latter showed more range in IRY but RJY owns my heart in Reply 1988.

    I don’t know what’ll happen as the directors/writers are dead set on making me hate everything… 4 epi left, no progress.

  • Atnivel says:

    Exactly my feels!
    “His smile had me at hello”
    From that moment, he owns me.

  • Cinderellarockyfellar says:

    He will get the girl. Kdrama patern guy & girl always bickers like old couple ends up together, guys that’s too nice in kdrama land finish last *teamteakfighting*, guy that don’t spend a lot of time w/ the girl ends up losing her *sigh* This Drama brings back memories. I grew up in a small town where everyone is family. Heck if I don’t like what we’re eating @ home I can just go to my neighbors house. My family was the first one that a got telephone (1986) so anyone one can use it. Most of the kids would come over to play video games. While my aunt is listening to her drama radio (trend back then) while cooking.

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