Leila’s Top FIVE K-drama of 2015

It’s been quite a while since I’ve done this. I’m bringing it back after a three-year hiatus. Five has always been my preferred number since I can’t bear to write a review of all the dramas I’ve watched just to rant on half of the list. Since 2010 I’ve always chosen only five Korean dramas of the year that I personally fell madly, and crazy in love with. This is in random order. Do you also have the same favourites?

Happy reading!


Love as much as you can while you have the chance.

This totally surprised me in a very good way. I know it’s great because Clockwatcher likes it, but watching it made the experience so much better. Park Bo Young is a revelation! No wonder Jo Jung Seok was smitten by her. Seeing them together, everything felt real. The chemistry is just over the top. It was electrifyingly GOOD!

It was great to witness Chef’s journey not just from falling in love but staying in love. Chef just nurtured the love he had with Na Bong Sun and allowed it to grow in full bloom!

After I finished 10 episodes in one sitting, I concluded that Sun Woo is in love with Na Bong Sun, as is. It’s not like his feelings for her changes whenever Soon Ae is around or not – obviously for him he’s only seeing ONE and we know the difference. Sun Woo is constant, just that most of us enjoy the dynamics he has with Soon Ae. However, when he’s with Bong Sun (i.e. bike scene, first date, cooking lesson), he’s still the same. He’s the sweetest guy who enjoys her company. He even tried to impress her with the guitar/singing skills that the real Na Bong Sun likes. Soon Ae was the needed push to make Sun Woo notice Na Bong Sun.

I think the audience wouldn’t be so confused if only Na Bong Sun was given more time with Sun Woo as herself and develop more from then. However, I would personally crave for fun, which Soon Ae naturally exudes, and we love seeing her amazing dynamics with Sun Woo. No wonder we have more of the latter. But this is not to say that Sun Woo is falling for her entirely. He also likes Na Bong Sun’s wit, and whenever she takes care of him like patting off his sweat after fixing the electric fan. There are moments that Na Bong Sun gets to enjoy Sun Woo as herself too. So I’m not confused that Sun Woo is in love either way. I am convinced he loves all of her. Yes, even as Soon Ae.

When Soon Ae was still alive, she also experienced unrequited love. She likes the policeman very much but the only way she could show it is by giving him more food. However she wasn’t able to confess. Now that she’s a ghost, she’s more proactive because she needs to settle her grudge as a virgin ghost. But is it to say that if she still lives, she’d be as aggressive to Chef? I doubt if she’d even have the guts to approach him and say things about sex. Chef, Na Bong Sun, and Soon Ae have one thing in common – unrequited love.

I love that Chef revealed that he also fell for Soon Ae. I can’t blame him! Though I was quite confused when he said that at first he was worried and he was eager to protect Na Bong Sun and yet tried to resent her because he see’s himself through her. I think they have so much in common that it didn’t trigger him to pursue her at first. When she saw a change, that’s when he saw her differently. And of course that change was because of Soon Ae. She’s truly a fun character, Kim Seul Gi made her so alive. The sexual innuendos wouldn’t be possible if not for her. She was so aggressive and direct, I don’t know if that’s really a good way to get a man’s heart. Well, it worked on Chef though. LOL.

Chef really showed how to accept a person the best possible way. Oh My Ghostess really showed the difference between understanding the situation and acting on it versus feeling the situation and acting on it. The chemistry between Park Bo Young and Jo Jung Seok showed the latter that’s why this drama is memorable to me for this year.


She is brave despite knowing how scary it is.

Another hidden gem that I found! Why is it so good?? Because it has the right amount of emotions that tugs your heart, deeply. All it take is a beautiful memory and my tears are welling up already.

Ji Chang Wook is totally swoon worthy. Upon watching Episode 6, Im all in. He’s beyond charming!! You know as I look more at him he’s like half Lee Min Ho and half Choi Jin Hyuk who are both amazing looking guys. But Ji Chang Wook differ in.. Tone? Or manner? Or is it the way he camouflage himself, that makes me more eager to peel off his layers. He is so mysterious, you just want to learn more about him!

This is an action-packed kinda like City Hunter but I think Ji Chang Wook looks so good in this one and he brought a different level of experience. I love that Ji Chang Wook’s character is such a dork yet he’s the manly, courageous, skilled Healer! Like Clark Kent, its fun to see two sides of him, and he played both characters amazingly! And to watch a man like him fall in love.. I’m swooning again just remembering it right now. He’s so smooth like flying and jumping from building to building is a walk-in-the-park.

BTW, that confession scene!! *swoon* Seo Jung Ho found out that his biggest competition is.. himself! Bwahaahaha. I don’t watch action type of dramas that often, but Healer definitely shouldn’t be missed!


It’s important to LIVE in TODAY, before it turns to YESTERDAY.

It’s another triumph for tvN. I love this show and it’s not only because of Lee Sang Yoon. The story is very relatable, everyone who’ve watched this came out as a better person.

It’s a story about Ha No Ra (Choi Ji Woo) and her dreams. She got pregnant at the age of 18, because of that all her dreams and aspirations in life shattered. She grew up married to a husband who doesn’t care and love her for the woman who she is. I think not being able to finish school is not really the main issue. It’s having to sacrifice her dreams for something else that she didn’t expect to have. Though for sure she doesn’t regret having a son, I think she regrets marrying a man like her husband. I can’t bring myself to hate him so much, though he’s already in a relationship with another woman. I have to blame Choi Won Young and his charming personality.

When Hyun Seok commented that Kim Woo Chul was nothing, I agreed. What kind of man would make his wife feel so low? How could any man make a woman feel that way? Instead of supporting her decision to study, he’s opposing it. He even thinks his wife is stupid and someone who knows nothing about the world. Darn. What a man! I totally understand why they are on the separation route from the onset.

Sang Yoon is his usual brusque and tough self yet soft and gooey delicious inside. I find it hilarious that he’s being so mean when he’s brimming with curiosity. The first love disease is incurable. Hyun Suk never had a GF because he was totally hurt by No Ra and lived as a bachelor until he met her again. That makes him even more lovable!! A man who loved only one woman all his life.

This drama brilliantly relieved life in the twenty’s! It’s indeed very precious. The plot is so simple yet it has a ton of heart, you wouldn’t be bored. I love the uniform day ala My Sassy Girl! And Lee Sang Yoon’s dance moves solidified why I love him so much. LOL. Crazy in love. This drama successfully showed why being 30 is so much better than when you were 20! The adult story is way more compelling and way more fun! I always skip the younger cast scenes, it’s too ridiculous I can’t swallow it most of the time.

What makes Twenty Again so special, it makes you realise the things you need to do,  there is nothing important than NOW. It isn’t looking back at something you haven’t done before it’s actually looking forward with what you can still do. Age should not limit you or stop you to pursue the things you want to achieve. The time you spend learning, is a time well spent. No matter what age you are. Whether you are 90 and you want to be a student and spend the rest of your life learning, DO IT!

And if someone like Lee Sang Yoon will love you for the woman that you are then and even more now, the world is truly yours for the taking.


In the end, what helps you overcome obstacles isn’t brains, but someone who’ll take your hand and won’t let you go.

We are back to the guessing the husband misery once again! What’s different this time around? Well, with a more open mind and a guarded heart, I’m just here enjoying every moment, allowing myself to feel the love no matter who the husband is. After the heartache that was Answer Me 1994, let me relax this time around and just go with the flow. It wouldn’t hurt to expect less. But that doesn’t mean I don’t have a contender. Do we have the same guy in mind?

Life is going by so quickly. This show is a good reminder to slow down and reminisce about how life was back then. No mobile phones, no internet, no techie gadgets. This remains the appeal of the Reply series for me, simple life where the importance of family and friendship stands out, not just the romance. Sometimes we are so consumed by worldly things that we forget what matters most. It’s refreshing to look back at the years that reflected how things are better without the smart phone, where everything is more personal. Is there a guy who would still fold a thousand origami pieces for a woman? Even those cheesy love letters are surely missed. It’s sad that with the advancement of technology where everything seemed easy, we find some things hard to do.

Everyone has their own touching story every episode. Getting to know them becomes more meaningful. From the dilemma of being a single Dad to Taek, and a widow struggling to make ends meet to raise her children and the financial difficulties of Deok Sun’s parents, everyone represents a family with a similar setting. This is the true heart of the show! The family, where everything starts and ends. I know that with four more episodes to go, there is so much more to explore! And I can’t wait to know the husband. I’m excited. And this time, I’m ready whoever he is 🙂

Honestly it was hard for me to complete the list! Good thing I have Clockwatcher who is generous enough to spare me one of her favourite drama 🙂 And I think this entry is truly a gem as well. Clock tell’s us why.


In a year of middling dramas, MBC’s two-episode drama Splash Splash Love shone like a bright star.

Dan Bi is a high school student who – after a series of mishaps on the way to take her college exams – finds herself in the Joseon Era. It’s fusion sageuk at its finest as Dan Bi’s textbooks, food and electronics survive the trip and later wow her love interest, King Lee Do.

It was no surprise to learn that the drama was sponsored by the Ministry of Science and Future Planning as Dan Bi became a teacher who imparted her knowledge of science and math to the king. The result is a fantasy romance-comedy that manages to both entertain and educate. I had as much fun watching Dan Bi create a clock as a I did watching her and the king fall in love. Okay, that’s not true. As much as I enjoyed their lessons, the romance was the star of the show. The chemistry between the characters was great as was the acting.  Most of all, they managed to pack in a lot of heart in a little over two hours and not just for our main leads, but also the supporting cast.

It not only showed the strength of love between two strangers who wouldn’t ordinarily meet but also the love one has for their family. While I would have liked it to be a little longer, a part of me thinks it was perfect at this length as we got to focus on the main characters and story without the usual filler scenes written to take up time.

All in all, Splash Splash Love was a drama worth watching in 2015.

That’s a wrap!!

I hope you enjoyed the drama’s Clock and I had fun watching. See you all again as we continue to happily binge on Korean dramas in 2016 ❤️


  • Teleri says:

    Great picks! HEALER!!!! this is a very well-deserved top 5. I have to say, I Remember You was also amazing, and Kill Me Heal Me…. The Village just rocked as well – Okay this was NOT a year of middling dramas in any way, shape or form. Mask, My Love Eun Dong, Producer, Unkind Women, Heard It Thru the Grapevine, She Was Pretty, Ho Gu’s Love, D-Day – all really excellent. I liked about a dozen others (Young Pal – fabulous for the first 12 episodes then pffft except for Joo Won, 🙁 , Scholar Who Walked the Night which was gorgeous to watch but just blank your mind LOL, Girl Who Sees Smells which had top notch performances but didn’t quite make my top lists despite my love of Yoo Chun – to name some)

  • Besma Kacem says:

    I agree with every word regarding splash splash .. it is indeed a gem .. I totally loved every second watching it

  • I’m a crazy asian drama watcher and sadly this year, I don’t think kdramas were that great. It seems like I kept on choosing bad dramas to watch cause out of the 5 dramas you chose I only watched healer. Guess I’m gonna have to watch more 🙂

  • Manilennials says:

    Same here! These are all my favorite dramas for 2015, minus twenty again though because I have’t seen it. Not sure why I couldn’t make myself watch it. Anyway, I so love these dramas. One top of the list would be Healer. It is perfect combination of action and romance! Also, splash splash love. I was actually disappointed when I found out that it was only for 2 episodes. I wish the network should at least made it into 8-episodes. Kudos for a great list!

  • af says:

    do you know any other good tv series to watch, i have seen healer, city hunter, she was pretty, pinnochio, your beautiful, love me if you dare but i don’t know what else to watch… i like a mixture of action, suspense, mystery and romance

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