CK Discussion: Reply 1988 Part 2: Love

Here’s the second instalment of our discussion!! Blue and I are eager to discuss about LOVE that it also spilled over on the first part. LOL. But here is a more in-depth thoughts of who the “possible” husband is, the love between the single parents, some sprinkle of Noona-dongsaeng romance, and Oppa Jung Bong’s love affair with Mi Ok.

I’m not going to delay any further. Let’s begin where I cut the conversation. Enjoy!

Leila: This just crossed my mind, do the boys actually notice Jung Hwan’s feelings for Deok Sun? I mean Sun Woo & Dong Ryong knows that Taek likes Deok Sun. But do they notice how Jung Hwan feels?

Blue: That’s a mystery isn’t? My guess is no though.

Leila: I think the boys don’t pay attention to Jung Hwan as much as they do with Taek.

Blue: For Sun Woo to suggest that they follow Taek and Deok Sun to the movies would have been too insensitive for him if he had known.

Leila: I agree. That’s why I think this hurts Jung Hwan more because everyone is like cheering for Deok Sun and Taek! He is left alone on the side with no one.

Blue: Also, I read some guys discussing this, though I’m not sure how true it is. But most men seem to agree that guys just don’t care to dig into who their guy friend likes unless it was first brought up by the guy.

Leila: Yup, that’s a guy thing to do. They won’t speak up unless they have been asked. They don’t meddle, the way us girls! Haha.

Blue: Even Sun Woo mentioned that after hearing from Taek, now it looks obvious to him that Taek looks different when looking at Deok Sun. But that also means that before Taek’s mention, he didn’t think to notice such a difference.

Leila: I can’t wait for everyone to find out. I bet Dong Ryong will be in disbelief. Or maybe not!

Blue: It will probably be awkward for the friends when they find out because they have to be sensitive to Taek’s feelings as well. I think girls are naturally more in tune to notice these things

Leila: Depends on the girl, though. I think for Deok Sun, Jung Hwan is used to teasing her and she doesn’t give meaning on that and only realised her feelings thru her friends. On the other hand, I think Taek will be able to handle everything after he cried himself to sleep. I know this can’t be compared when he lose in baduk games. But isn’t real champions get up each time they fall? It will be difficult of course. I am waiting for the scene when Taek and Jung Hwan finally confronts this dilemma.

Blue: I wonder how the writer will satisfactorily solve this sticky situation. They need time and hence, I think a time jump is necessary.

Leila: When Oppa Trash and Chil Bong talks about Na Jung, those remained as my favourite scenes. It’s so manly and very honest. And the respect is noticeable.

Blue: I do think there will be at least one scene where Taek and Jung Hwan confront each other and discuss head on.

Leila: I want that scene! I think before Jung Hwan or Taek have Deok Sun for a girlfriend, they will definitely talk.

Blue: In Reply 1994, those two had nothing to lose in their friendship. They respected each other as people, but friendship was never on the line. I think the confrontation in 1988 will be even more legendary. I’m so looking forward to this!

Leila: I think the boys will be just fine. PD Shin already established the foundation of their friendship. This is going to be the ultimate test to see if it’s truly unshakable & unbreakable.

Leila: I know that we didn’t tackle much about Sun Woo’s mum & Taek’s Dad that is  because they are part of the “love” discussion.

Blue: Theirs is not talked as much because it is more about companionship. It is telling that their turning point happened after Taek’s dad fell ill.

Leila: Yup, its like settling and second chance for them. When Papa Bear said, he want to spend the rest of his life with Sun Woo’s mum, I think that he doesn’t want to grow old alone especially when Taek leaves for good because he’s gonna get married too. But aren’t their scenes cute? I would also love for Papa Bear to eat healthy, warm food. Surely he missed being taken care of. Whenever Sun Woo’s mum bring him food, there is a smile in his heart.

Blue: I wouldn’t call it settling though. But yes, it is a much more mature kind of love, where they find comfort in knowing that there is someone else for them to worry for each other, be happy for each other and yes, eat together too. You know, having someone to eat with is sometimes not just about eating together!

Leila: True! Like you said, companionship 🙂

Blue: It was moving because Taek understood that for his dad.

Leila: Our Taek said that he’s not a child anymore, so he understands. Moving on. Do you ever think why teenagers hide in secret when they are in a relationship? Like Bora and Sun Woo.

Blue: Keke, well, Jung Bong wants to hide the relationship too! They probably want their relationship to grow without the hawk-like, judgmental eye of the adults around them.

Leila: Yup, we will discuss Oppa later. But since Mi Ok has a scary dad, I think the answer for him is pretty obvious! LOL

Blue: I don’t think he would have liked Dong Ryong to find out if he could have helped it!

Leila: Yeah, nobody prefers for other people to meddle in their relationship. Though anyone who decided on this, usually the relationship doesn’t work because there is no blessing from the parentals. Even if the couple elope or something, there is a consequence.

Blue: From Bo Ra’s position, she probably wanted to avoid the teasing and judgement of the fact that a college student is graduating and dating a high schooler. Hence, why she even hid it from her college friends.

Leila: Sun Woo and Bo Ra have the classic noona-dongsaeng love affair. I admired Sun Woo more when he pursued Bo Ra and patiently waited for her.

Blue: Does that mean that the admiration is gone then?

Leila: I don’t think the admiration went away. Sun Woo has always felt that for Bo Ra that’s why he pursued her nonetheless.

Blue: It’s funny because it was Deok Sun who first planted in his mind that he should confess to her. Until then, I think Bo Ra was this high and mighty person who he couldn’t dare to tell how he feels. It was almost like it was enough for him to just look from afar and admire her then.

Leila: Bo Ra is a strong type of woman and it takes a man to handle her. I think Sun Woo is maturing well thru this relationship. They handle each other’s situations well. I like how they give each other advice when needed. It was Deok Sun who misinterpreted Sun Woo’s action towards her. It was unexpected that Sun Woo was actually in love with Bo Ra.

Blue: No, I suspected Sun Woo liked Bo Ra, not Deok Sun. The way the director was presenting it to seem like Sun Woo liked Deok Sun was a clear sign that he in fact did not.

Leila: I didn’t expect it though but I also didn’t think that Sun Woo likes Deok Sun.

Blue: He only acted differently when he was at Deok Sun’s house or when Bo Ra was around. When they were at Taek, Sun Woo was back to his normal self. Whatever he liked had to be at Deok Sun’s house, but not Deok Sun. Either Bo Ra… or No Eul!

Leila: I think this goes to show that Deok Sun had to be careful in guarding her heart. She easily fell for the wrong guy. Well, her friends were partly to blame but we control our feelings. Then again, what do we know at 18? Sorry this phrase is becoming redundant.

Blue: I also do think people were a lot more naive back in the 80’s. Remember how shocked Joey and Deok Sun reacted when they suspected Mi Ok to have hugged or held hands with Jung Bong?

Leila: That still applies today 🙂 I think we all go thru that phase, isn’t it? Oppa Jung Bong is smooth and yet fast! First date and he already kissed Mi Ok.

Blue: Jung Bong is smooth~~ Who would have thought, right?

Leila: Jung Hwan should learn from him!! Oppa got the moves to make any woman fall in love with him. I think Jung Bong gained a lot of fans now!

Blue: I love their parody of drama and movie scenes.

Leila: I bet you enjoyed the Secret Garden parody a lot!

Blue: The SG parody was hilarious, but the first on Temptation of Wolves was my favourite.

Leila: His cheesy lines totally killed me. the whole “capital of my heart” had me laughing big time!

Blue: I lost it when he did Reply 1997 confession kiss.

Leila: Aww. I also love the throwback in ode to Reply 1997! That was so cute. I love that fact that PD Shin is bringing back the courtship. Jung Bong is the perfect character to experience it with!

Blue: I wonder what’s going on with Mi Ok’s Dad though. Once again, by making up suspect he’s a thug, I think that’s a clear sign that he’s not.

Leila: I also don’t think he’s part of a mafia or something. Is the fortune-teller right? Jung Bong will be successful because of his love life?

Blue: I think that was the implication.

Leila: Jung Bong will be happily married to Mi Ok 🙂

Leila: Blue, what do you think of Jung Hwan and Deok Sun’s love line? Are we going to experience a time jump before we get to enjoy them? Or are we going to have Taek?

Blue: My bet is on a time jump. Not sure how that would work with drama timing since we only have 4 episodes left.

Leila:  I think they are still young and quite immature to handle a relationship to make it last if they decide to be in a relationship now. So I also agree on the time jump. Jung Bong and Mi Ok’s love line was created smoothly. I think PD Shin will work wonders as well even if there is 4 episodes left. Many people are anticipating who the husband is, though everyone is already frustrated as we speak.

Blue: It’s funny because I’ve always thought the husband hunt in the Answer Me series was pretty obvious. And even now, the husband was clearly Jung Hwan from Episode 1.

Leila: True. But you know the shippers aren’t gonna stop! Haha. Everyone is determined to fight and sail hard for their ship until it goes down.

Blue: But funny enough, neither Jung Hwan nor Taek won me over yet that they’re best for Deok Sun. Maybe I’m just difficult to please. I love both boys individually. And the direction is clearly for Jung Hwan to be the husband. But in order to keep the husband mystery going, the writer hasn’t yet exploded the charm of the characters. Perhaps I just need to see them date and happy together in order to give Deok Sun the blessing with her chosen husband.

Leila: That’s why I’m still looking forward to a solid evidence. Personally, I also think it’s Jung Hwan from Episode 1. I bet the confession or kiss scene will happen on an alley or the bus. Or when it’s raining??

Blue: Jung Hwan’s confession I imagine will be simple and matter of fact.

Leila: Yeah, because that’s Jung Hwan’s very essence. I am not thinking of anything fancy as well. I think they will just talk while on the bus, on the way home. Or Deok Sun will listen to a recording that Jung Hwan made as they sit together. I’m crazy like this.. LOL

Blue: Haha, I hear you! Some are all very much real possibility!

Leila: I would love to see Jung Hwan pursue Deok Sun. I want to see how he will do it! But more than that, I still want to know Jung Hwan more. We get to love Jung Hwan because of Ryu Joon Yeol’s acting, he’s superb! Without any lines, he can say A LOT.  I still wonder how everything will turn out for him and Deok Sun. Anyway, Deok Sun is still oblivious of how Taek and Jung Hwan truly feel about her. I think we also need to hear Deok Sun more. At the end of the day, it’s her decision. But I read in one of the preview that Deok Sun’s feelings for Jung Hwan is unwavering despite of what Jung Hwan is doing to her.

Blue: The Reply production always does this where they hide how one side feels, even from the viewers, as the series near its end.

Leila: Yeah, for the “big” reveal?

Blue: Near the end in Reply 1994, they hid whether Na Jung got over Trash. In Reply 1997, they hid whether Yoon Jae got over Siwon. This is  the only way to keep the mystery until the final episode, unfortunately.

Leila: But it’s clear to me in Reply 1997 the moment Yoon Jae saw Siwon in the cafe, he still loves her.

Blue: Keke, I think it’s still pretty clear here that Deok Sun still likes Jung Hwan.

Leila: It won’t easily go away, right? haha

Blue: Or perhaps the mystery will be whether Jung Hwan still loves Deok Sun after the time jump? Ooh, I love that even better!

Leila: Remember the concert scene? Jung Hwan said that it’s a long way to the bus stop. Deok Sun faked that she sprained her ankle to hold Jung Hwan’s hand all the way to the bus stop. That was genius! Deok Sun surely won’t easily forget Jung Hwan. Anyway, the husband dated a lot before he got married. But why don’t I feel it’s true? I don’t think Jung Hwan will ever forget his first love. Not just because its his first, but the things he experienced with Deok Sun.

Blue: Hmm, after the time jump, maybe Deok Sun will be pursuing Jung Hwan because she is so sure of her feelings for him, whether or not he likes her back.

Leila: Pretty much like what Shi Won did with Yoon Jae. I remember that kiss scene on the stairs! That was epic!

Blue: And Jung Hwan either went on many blind dates in college to forget Deok Sun, or he made Deok Sun believe he did.

Leila: It is more likely the Jung Hwan made her believe he did date a lot! But he’s such a nerd who always stays inside his room to study! Is dating women possible??

Blue: And also, there was that emphasis that Jung Hwan is like his dad. How his nose bleeds frequently like his dad, how he retracts and becomes quiet when mad like his dad. And there just seems to be only one woman in his life, like his dad. Ehhh, even if he goes on many blind dates to get over Deok Sun, I wouldn’t count that against him.

Leila: I won’t mind as well. But I really do hope he doesn’t date!! ahahah

Blue: Haha, talking about this is making me anticipate the upcoming episodes even more!

Leila: You are making the waiting period worse! The possibility is still endless. Anything can still happen at this point.

Blue: As much as the resolution of the love triangle, I’m looking forward to the bromance between Taek and Jung Hwan too.

Leila: I remember Yoon Jae and Jun Hee. Jun Hee gave way and encouraged Yoon Jae to finally step up for Siwon. I also love the bromance between Samcheonpo and Haitai! Fun times. With Taek & Jung Hwan, no matter who they love, they will always have each other. That’s for sure.

Blue: So true. In the end, Reply series always come back to friendship and family love.

Leila: That’s the core of the Reply franchise that I love.

Blue: By the way, if everyone ends up with everyone as we anticipate, only Dong Ryong will be left out of the extended family. Maybe he can marry Jin Joo… and Sun Woo can kill him before giving them his blessing.

Leila: HAHAHAHA! I don’t think Sun Woo would even allow that to happen in the first place. But I think PD Shin won’t leave Dong Ryong without his own happiness. Everyone will be happy. I’m looking forward to the reunion. They will all come in Lee Mi Yeon’s house right?

Blue: I’m looking forward to the present scene as well and all the rest of the adult cast.

Leila: Everyone is anticipating who will play the adult counterpart 🙂 BTW Blue, is the color scheme in this series significant? I know how meticulous PD Shin is, but does it really project a clue of what is to come?

Blue: I think the color theory is just a trope. Yes, each character is represented by a color. But the color (and the dolls) are used as just another device to show where the characters are emotionally that very episode. And not necessarily a clue of what’s to come.

Leila: Looking back in Reply 1994, the stuffed toy reference was brilliant. I never thought its a clue.

Blue: I consider it a fan service from PD Shin. Just a little extra to keep the drama fanatics entertained. We talk about the color theory on Soompi and other drama sites, but it is not discussed (or even noticed) by casual drama watchers. It’s only the die-hard fans who watch and re-watch the show who even take notice of these things.

Leila: And PD Shin is great in making the fans insane! LOL. But this is the charm of the franchise. The fans are awesome! I think PD Shin enjoys knowing our thoughts and how we interpret his story.

Blue: Yes, the not-so-mystery husband hunt, and the silly (but fun) props used, they are all becoming a signature trademark of the series.

Leila: There is fun in digesting every detail, but learning from PD Shin from Reply 1997, I don’t take it too seriously! PD Shin can twist ANYTHING in an instant.

Blue: I don’t see Shin PD giving them up. I wouldn’t if I were him either. It’s not an easy feat to have three successful installments and have such a clear, distinct trademark like this.

Leila: No matter how frustrated the fans are, they know they are enjoying it! haha. And just a side dish, because PD Shin loves to surprise us, I never thought No Eul had such beautiful voice!!

Blue: Yeah, he does have a beautiful voice!

Leila: Every character is unique and lovable. Blue, shall we wrap it up? Any final thoughts with regard to the love department and the possible “husband”??

Blue: I know fans can get wrapped up in the husband hunt and the guy who we’re rooting for. But whoever turns out to be the husband, I hope everyone would be able to appreciate the story of love that the series told us! In the end, I think that’s what I’ll remember this series for! And final word from you?

Leila: Yes! And the valuable lesson was beautifully presented. For me Deok Sun’s advisor said it best. She told them that even though they are experiencing a difficult time, and they won’t know or understand the reason at the moment, someday they will definitely look back and understand everything with fondness in their hearts. For me, this is Reply 1988. Everyone goes thru tough times, but we will look back with joy 🙂

Blue: Aww, that was so beautifully put!

Leila: Blue, as always, its been such a pleasure talking with you!! Thank you for giving me time 🙂

Blue: Thank you for giving me time to discuss this wonderful drama with you.  As always the pleasures mine! The two week wait felt soooo long, but fortunately, the new episode is now just hours away. We made it! Woohoo!

That concludes our conversation!

There won’t be a Part 3 but I can assure you that this won’t be my last discussion with Blue. Let’s all continue to anticipate for the next episode. Surely, the wait will be worth it.

Until next time!



  • Teleri says:

    I really like your analysis except for the mentions of Reply 1994 cause the writers’ plans got derailed and I’d just prefer to FORGET the last 2 episodes of that 🙁 And fervently hope that producer NEVER decides to pull a fast one like that again….
    I care a lot more about HOW these kids work out their love lives (& just their lives in general) than in who the hubby is, although I still can’t see Taek turning into that future hubby… I’m really about Taek’s dad & Sun Woo’s mom, tho!

  • mariazzang says:

    What is the color theory?

  • heartoppaya says:

    Ohmigawd blue!!!! Hiiii… I was the pervy dongsaeng in the reply 1994 nareki thread, remember?

    Anyway, I’m not shipping any couple but I’m hugely impressed by the gang’s friendship. Love it! And samcheonpo… Miss him…

  • Jha9 says:

    What a journey this drama gave me! This has been by far one of the best that I’ve seen. Its focus on family & friendship was more than enough for me to even care who Deok Sun ends up with. I’ve been heartbroken during Jung Hwan’s confession in Ep 18, & felt sorry for him too. But I think that time he already felt that Deok Sun was falling for Taek. I think Taek has really been the end game from the beginning though. Deok sun started to like Sunwoo just after her friends told her they notice him liking her, then shifted to Junghwan when they said the same. Like what Dongryong advised her, it’s not really an issue of who likes her, rather, who SHE likes & she has always been taking care of Taek since the start without anyone telling her he likes her not just as a friend. =) Thank you for the wonderful rollercoaster ride show!

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