CK’s Digest: The Confession

Jung Hwan-ah, if this is not love, tell me what it is..

Deok Sun-ah, I wanted to give this when I graduated this year. I’m only giving it now.

I like you.

I said, I like you.

Hey, do you know the things I did because of you?

So I can go to school with you, I waited over an hour in front of our door everyday.

Until you came home from the library, I was so worried that I couldn’t get a wink of sleep.

Why is she so late? Did she fall asleep again?

Hey, my mind was only on you. You.

When we ran into each other accidentally on the bus, when we went to the concert together, and on my birthday when I received the shirt as a present from you, I was so happy that I thought I was going to go crazy.

I wanted to see you over 12 times a day.

And when we met, I was just happy.

I wanted to say it since a long time ago.

I really like you.

I love you.


The love Jung Hwan is saying here is not only about the past but most importantly the love he still have for Deok Sun, NOW. It is genuine and heartfelt. How can I even think it was a joke?


Jung Hwan confessed in front of his friends and Deok Sun. It took time and courage to say it out loud. It was that serious! I looked deep into his eyes. Even Deok Sun can recognise the truth behind his words.

No. This is not a joke. He just needed to break the silence. It was just stupid to have twisted our reaction towards the end. I fell for it too! But I can forgive because I know Jung Hwan has a reason for doing it.

Blue and I had a conversation the moment the official video came out. I was on a lifeline and Blue came to my rescue! After her translation, I fell in love with Jung Hwan’s confession even more. Listening to him speak, I was already mesmerised. I was deeply touched, it felt so real. Ryu Joon Yeol, you are brilliant!

Writer Lee Woo Jung is insanely awesome! She can write scenarios where everything is possible. I respect those who are in Team Taek and Team Jung Hwan. You can say and interpret this scene in a million of ways and I wouldn’t find fault, no matter how crazy it is. But personally, this scene just showed how Jung Hwan’s previous actions led to the growth of his love for Deok Sun. Until this very day, he is assured that he loves her. Finally, Jung Hwan learned his lessons well. As a man, he took it upon himself not to blame anyone or anything. Dude, I know I felt frustrated waiting for you but I felt relieved after this confession.

It took years to have the courage to confess.  I’m glad Deok Sun heard it. Now, there’s no room for “what if”, just “what to do now?”.

It is Deok Sun’s turn. We are waiting for her reply!! At the end of the day, it is her decision to make. After all this, she will marry that one person she truly loves. We can all be happy for her.


NOTE: This translation is courtesy of Blue. We are aware that there are some translations of this scene that has already been released and respects it. Blue wanted to clarify that Jung Hwan graduated earlier in the year and the confession happened in October.


  • Sakki says:

    JH a big Babbooo!!! His confession melted my heart and killed my brain….
    How could it be a joke?? ='[

  • Beez says:

    Please allow me to make a suggestion – the way this post appeared in my email, it did not say which show it is related to. So I clicked on the title “The Confession”, thinking that is the name of some new upcoming show.

    While I’m not currently watching “Reply 1988”, I might in the future and this would constitute a big spoiler.

    If the title of the show appeared in the subject line of the email (or at least in the beginning of the email somewhere, I could make an informed decision of whether I want to read the email or not.


    • ckphoenix ckphoenix says:

      Sorry, we don’t send out the emails. It’s just automatically sent if you are subscribed to us, but I do agree that at least on the post, the name of the show should be reflected (and that should carry onto the email itself).

      Thanks for the suggestion.


  • kr says:

    i know how awesome his confession is….for me this is the best confession ever in kdrama that i have watched until now…. those eyes , lips , smile , feeling everything was into this confession, so for me he is already the winner as an actor….
    “””but from ep18 i already know that DS have falling for Taek, and JH also know that …”””
    but for me every one done a great job to do this drama.

    Thanks million for this great drama Shin PD and His reply 1988 Team…..

  • kr says:

    i know how awesome his confession is….for me this is the best confession ever in kdrama that i have watched until now…. those eyes , lips , smile , feeling everything was into this confession, so for me he is already the winner as an actor….
    “””but from ep18 i already know that DS have falling for Taek, and JH also know that …”””
    but for me every one done a great job to do this drama.

  • Ana says:

    I watched that episode without subs but I don’t know why I was really touched of what Jung Hwan confession. I’m still hopeful though that he will end up as Deok Suns husband. I just got that feeling 😜

  • kpp says:

    but he said it was a joke! i’m sorry, but by doing that he ruined what possibly could have been the best kdrama confession ever. it’s like he FINALLY matured 5 levels and then… regressed all the way back down to zero in that one confession. it negated the whole thing and made me really upset he would play it off as an immature joke, because it shows to me that he really hasn’t matured after all these years and thus is the least developed character with only 2 episodes to go (they’re long episodes i’ll admit so anything could happen). he still has insecurities and he lacks trust in deok sun and taek to handle his feelings with care.

    i love both boys and think deok sun will get the greatest love there is with either one. but this scene plays out to me like a romantic tragedy, not hope. the hard lesson learned is that if you shoot yourself in the foot, not once but multiple times, to tell the girl you like her then ultimately you will lose her before you even try. i think reply 1988 would be a greater show if it showed that it’s not who loves the most that gets the girl, but who actually gets the girl to feel loved tht does.

  • Jugule? says:

    He didn’t say that the whole confession was a joke. It was Dong Ryong and Sun Woo who assumed it’s just a joke. But I think, Junghwan did that for purpose and it was very clear that he meant what he said. And I also think, Deoksun didn’t take that as a joke either. I just hope the writers wont prolong the agony and let us see Deoksun’s point of view in the next episode. The latest episodes are kind of frustrating for me coz I’m in Team Junghwan. Lol. I feel like I want this show to end already just to get my normal life back. Lmfao! But, seriously, the husband hunt of this series is ruining my life. So, please, writers……. Stop messing around and stop humiliating Jungpal. You made him look real hot and break his heart? Wenyol? XD XD

  • Misza says:

    I cry so hard when watched this scene. Junghwan-ah. Gwaenchana. At last you already confessed your feeling toward Duk Seon. Now it all up to her to make a decision. Even tho all the hints was pointed to Taek with recent episodes and all the possibility which Duk Seon might like Taek, but still.. deep down at the bottom of my heart, I believe Duk Seon love you. And youuuu gonna be the husband. Im on Team Junghwan all the way. If the end game for the final episode; ‘let say’ it is Choi Taek, I will sink my OTP all the way. Both youu and I are going down together. Reply 1988 make my life so miserable that I want my normal life back!!! Yet, am gonnaaaaa feel sooooooooooooo sad that am no longer going to meet Duk Seon, Junghwan, Sun Woo, Dong Ryong and Taek together. Love their friendship more than anything.


  • Yimichan says:

    Gosh i was about to cry 😭😭😭but they did not end up together i like them better why!!!!!! It end up like that

  • Lena says:

    I have never suffered SMLS as I did in 1988… Copious expletives follow!!!

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