Oh, This Is Fun! “One More Happy Ending” 5-Minute Preview!

It’s long preview time for One More Happy Ending, as it just held its press conference earlier.

This show and the cast promise to be a total gem! I swear this preview will leave you with big toothy smiles, as the cast powers up the comedy. And their chemistry? It’s very natural! 🙂




Angels’ ‘Loving You’ MV



Source  |  Soompi, c/o Kasmic



  • Juliesean says:

    They registered for marriage cos they were both drunk. It’s the same premise as the Taiwanese drama Drunken to Love You that starred Joseph Chang n Rainie Yang.

  • myra do says:

    We enjoy watching the preview, surely gonna watch this! There is so much fun and romantic scenes are quite hilarious! This maybe another MUST WATCH romantic comedy drama for 2016! Keep it up!

  • bashful says:

    Awesome MV!!! Love the catchy song. “Angels” are so cute especially Nara-ssi and Dara-ssi. Thanks for sharing the link.

  • AlekaOnu says:

    The preview looks yummy 🙂 definitely going to watch as I love Jang Nara

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