“One More Happy Ending” Episode 4 Video & Written Previews

This show seems to continue to ride on a high-speed rail, as jealousy and a love triangle already spring forth while Mi Mo and Soo Hyuk figure out their marriage dilemma. It looks like things will become even more complicated when someone gets drunk again. Heehee. Will there be another kiss? 😉

You know what I would like to see? Hae Joon and Dong Mi getting drunk together. Maybe they can make magic happen? Heh. I ship those two even though there’s no chance their narratives will ever cross. The hard-nosed Doctor Yeon Soo has a better chance with him.

Meanwhile, Ae Ran might feel she’s hit a wall as she gets a surprise.

Aaah! I’m addicted to this drama!


Episode 4 Video Preview


Episode 4 Written Preview, c/o yaqiyuki

Is it the fertility period?

Soo Hyuk thinks that he’s bad at expressing his feelings and finds dating difficult. So, Hae Joon tells him that it’s also difficult for everyone else, just that they summon up their courage. 

Meanwhile, Da Jung tells Ae Ran, who is depressed after seeing the results of her pregnancy test, that life is a blessing that not anyone will allow.

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