Cheese In The Trap Episode 11 Preview

I knew this will happen.

Since we were showered with lotsa kiss scenes, a break up is waiting ferociously to come next. That painful event is the summary for this week. But wait, the heart ache does not end there! It has been confirmed that Cheese In the Trap won’t be airing next week due to the Lunar New Year celebration. Episode 11 will be shown on February 15.

That only means we all have time to begin again! Before the marathon, here’s the video preview for the next episode. Surely one week of delayed broadcast will be torture. But think of the reward, more Seol and Yoo Jung sweet lovey moments! They are meant to be together again, anyway. Happy waiting!!


  • Noor says:

    i did a little victory dance after watching them hug in preview! i was so sad since episode 9 worrying over Seol and Jung! But i shall wait now for things to get better in rest episodes!

  • I'm The Cheese Stuck In The Trap says:

    Am I the only one who wants In Ho and Seol to be together?? I think they are sooo cute together! And Feb. 15th?! That’s all most two whole weeks!!! I can feel the beginnings of my withdrawal already… :/

    • ckphoenix ckphoenix says:

      Don’t ever feel alone 🙂

      – Queen of SLS Leila

    • Lin says:

      You are not alone. Trust. Most of international fandom is with you (though I’m a Jung & Seol supporter myself). Just read comments on dramabeans or if you have a tumblr, almost every post. A lot of people have SLS, which I get because Inho is cute and adorable and much easier in his interactions with Seol. As Jung would say “some people get love easily”. Inho’s much more open personality is much easier to love. So yeah, your not alone.

  • Rami1990 says:

    Jungxseol couple for ever..their upcoming hug is sooo emotionaly charging..even sunbae broke down!!

  • Lin says:

    Ahhh how do I survive this two week wait. This drama is so good and the different character studies that is going on. I adore the OTP and their dynamic together (though I can also admit to their problematic aspects and know Jung needs some changing in some areas). I like that they have many flaws but are willing to work at it, in order to be together. That reunion hug look so emotionally charged…why must we wait so long 🙁

  • Dani says:

    and here I am waiting for the bed scene promised us in the preview on ep. 9. They always mixed the preview. I think that heartfelt hugs is the prologue before Jung take Seol to his place. Gosh am such a sultry watcher, just waiting for the bed scene moment between my two love buttons.

  • shine lee says:

    We all (include me) wanna PHJ and KGE be real couple but I read in one article that PHJ only like pretty woman with perfect face. So sad Kim Go Eun such a everage woman, but for me she has a natural beauty inside out and great personality. Who cares about PHJ opinion. I don’t hate him just hopefully with this drama PHJ could realized what is beautiful woman is. My bias YooSeol but also really nice BaekSeol…let’s see.

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