One More Happy Ending review episodes 1-6

This drama follows the lives and loves of 3 women that composed of 3/4 of a one time successful girl group. Despite a falling out with the most popular member, Goo Seul Ah, which led to the group’s break up, the three women have moved on to make a viable life for themselves. Unfortunately the same can’t be said about their love lives. The story primarily follows Han Mi Mo, who is the center of a love triangle between two friends. Currently she’s dating our second male lead Goo Hae Joon, however things are not going at the pace Mi Mo would like, which I am quite pleased with as I pine away for more scenes and skinship between her and the male lead Song Soo Hyuk.

This loveline has been years in the making, Soo Hyuk has had an unrequited love for Mi Mo since they were in classmates in elementary school. In the past they had a falling out because of an incident that unintentionally led to Mi Mo’s embarrassment before the whole school. Apparently some wicked child gave a young Soo Hyuk a tainted apple giving him an upset stomach. Therefore when he leaned over to kiss Mi Mo, who starred across from him as Juliet in the school play, he almost threw up on her. It garnered her a reputation of being repulsive, something he never got a chance to apologize over. Young Mi Mo no longer wishes to associate with him and later moves on to a new relationship, leaving Soo Hyuk heart broken. Many years later, Soo Hyuk finds himself in the same position. He meets Mi Mo once again, this time he has a young son and she is a divorcee who is fresh off a break up with a cheating boyfriend. Upon meeting again, the two get drunk, and get hitched. Sadly for the viewers, the marriage was never made official. Instead of the relationship gaining wings and flying high, the situation gives way to Mi Mo meeting Soo Hyuk’s best friend Hae Joon. She is instantly smitten, despite all this Soo Hyuk still gets more action with Mi Mo as they spend more time invading each others personal space while Mi Mo and Hae Joon awkwardly date.

Despite his popularity with women, there isn’t much to dating Hae Joon, he follows a strict routine of taking Mi Mo out for a dinner and a movie, which he does on loop. Clearly wanting to deepen the intimacy of their relationship, apparently after watching all the new movies out in Seol, she invites him over for some netflix and chill. Soo Hyuk, who becomes aware of her plans thwarts them at every interval, even the dog gets in on it, leaving Mi Mo quite sexually frustrated, I imagine LOL.

Mi Mo is not the only one who is treading choppy waters in her relationship, her friends are suffering other varying degrees of problems. After many years of struggling to have a child, and subsequently pushing her husband away, Beak Da Jung, is separated from her husband who wants a divorce. She doesn’t want to divorce, but at the same time she is painfully aware how sad and lonely her marriage is. 7 years of rejecting her husband has allowed his heart to grow cold, and he too has turn to pushing her away, when she needs him the most. She once again is facing another hurdle in her life, there is a lump in her breast and despite advice to get a mastectomy, she refuses because she does not wish to lose her sexual identity. On the other hand Hong Ae Ran takes the plunge she hesitated to venture into initially and gets married. The groom, who posed as a loving patient boyfriend, is in fact a disgusting player, who suggests that they have an open marriage. Unapoligetic that his ex-lovers, some of whom he broke up with only a day before they were to say their I dos, crashed the wedding, he implies that he recognized her as a fellow player and thought this arrangement would be more convenient for them both. Needless to say Ae Ran is livid, and after spending her honeymoon night at Go Dong Mi’s place, she jets off to her honeymoon vacation by herself.

Yet things seemed to be looking up for Dong Mi, whose success at love is non-existent. The desire for marriage is strong, but the right man is no where to be seen, and if he is successfully spotted, he’s in the arms of some other lucky woman. Recently she has met a used items seller, and as much as I am rooting for this girls happiness, it breaks my heart to say, it’s a trap. The man is only in it for her pension fund that she will get regularly after she retires from teaching. He sure knows how to make it worth her while though, as she is entrenched in the passions of love.

He is the total antithesis of Hae Joon who can be best described as vanilla ice cream, cold but popular with the masses (although there are some that would liken him to stale bread LOL). Hae Joon does a poor job of either vocalizing or showcasing his feelings, leaving Mi Mo to second guess where she stands in his heart. A buzz with worry she asks his ex-wife, who just so happens to work with him, and sticks to him like a shadow, why they broke up. Apparently, the ex-wife felt alone in her feelings, and felt as though he never loved her with the intensity that she loved him. Mi Mo finds herself in the same position causing her to wonder if she really alone in love. Learning from his ex-wife that she had a conversation with Mi Mo he tries to set Mi Mo at ease by revealing he was her fanboy, and has admired her for a long time. He moved to seal what should have been a touching moment with a kiss, but she recalled she had eaten some dried sea food and her breath wasn’t up to the task.  Another win for team Soo Hyuk I guess, but this couple remains romantically stunted, at least in the intimacy department.

In the midst of it all, the ground work for Soo Hyuk and Mi Mo’s relationship continues to develop. Over the course of the drama, Mi Mo and Min Woo have grown closer, a sight that touches Soo Hyuk. Ironically, Min Woo has enlisted Mi Mo to find a wife for his dad through her divorcee match making business. His son is so earnest, he uses the his savings from a bank account created by Soo Hyuk in Min Woo’s name. The easiness between the son and Mi Mo brings warmth, but also opens up a flood gate of emotion that Soo Hyuk is already failing to repress.

Despite not being her boyfriend, Soo Hyuk makes a good show of being there for her, starting from day one, where he hides the fact that Mi Mo was the third member of a love triangle between her ex-boyfriend and her ex-groupmate Goo Seul Ah. Soo Hyuk’s awareness of Mi Mo prompts him to notice things such as the ankle injury she tried to hide during their volunteering. He takes the initiative and carries her to the apartment princess hold style (princess hold >>>>>>>> piggyback). She was an unwilling passenger, as she made light protests, but the sight made for a lovely exchange, because to the eyes of anyone this was a family walking off to their apartment. How convenient was it that Hae Joon was lurking in the parking lot to enjoy the view? This is the first time we see him stew with jealousy, his eyes practically shot lasers, but instead of acting like a concerned boyfriend and walking over to see why his girlfriend can’t use her own legs to get home, he hangs back and clenches his fist in anger, not accomplishing anything.

There is no doubt that Soo Hyuk is making headway towards her heart. Thanks to Hae Joon’s jealousy and ineptitude as a boyfriend, we are blessed with a touching moment. Empathizing with his hardship as a single father, Mi Mo praises his growth. In that moment Mi Mo finds herself caught up in Soo Hyuk’s raw emotions as he heartbreakingly tells her not to extend her hand to him. The atmosphere was thick with his love for her, compiled with the keen awareness that it couldn’t be because she was his bestfriend’s girlfriend. The mood was broken by Min Woo’s entrance into the room, but the damage was already done to her heart.

At this point, Soo Hyuk has come to terms with his feelings, but is prompted to tell the truth when his long time friend and co-worker does something spiteful to Mi Mo. Aware of Soo Hyuk’s growing affection for Mi Mo, his co-worker, who has had feelings for him since they were in college, releases an article revealing that Mi Mo was in a love triangle between Seul Ah and Seul Ah’s fiance. Her actions make him livid, but she challenges him to confess his feelings, however Soo Hyuk determines that she’s not the one he has to reveal anything to. He goes to Hae Joon and gives him a heads up, he will begin to pursue Mi Mo.



There is no denying the chemistry between Soo Hyuk and Mi Mo, which is why I wish this pairing would get more scenes together. These recent episodes have seem to remedy this as the two spend more time together, but Hae Joon still poses an obstacle. I feel as though Hae Joon is very different from the general trend of second male leads, normally they are rich in emotional color, which is enunciated by the inevitable blow of the female lead rejecting his love. Our second male lead tends to be long suffering, supporting the female lead when need be or filling the vacuum created by the male lead while he is busy being a jerk in some other part of drama land. However, what we are presented with is a male lead, who is a hybrid of the second and first male lead archetype. Where Soo Hyuk is attentive to Mi Mo and her plight, Hae Joon’s perspective falls back on his male ego. When Hae Joon sees Soo Hyuk helping Mi Mo, he sees a man poaching his territory, he doesn’t see Mi Mo, his injured girlfriend who would be more than happy to receive his help as oppose to Soo Hyuk’s.  Where Soo Hyuk is rife with emotion, and very expressive, Hae Joon is a nice guy, who is quite aloof. With someone like Soo Hyuk, who also has a heartfelt backstory of his struggles with lost love and fatherhood, it is too easy to fall in love with him, as oppose to the bland but popular Hae Joon.

Which makes one wonder why it’s taking Mi Mo so long to fall for Soo Hyuk. Of course Hae Joon is the first hurdle, our second male lead is the embodiment of the ideal man. The ideal man is often sought after by women, but is forever out of reach. Hae Joon is her rebound relationship and she falls for him instantly, as he sparkles before her. In regards to Hae Joon, he is also dating an idea, because before him is Han Mi Mo, the member of the Angels girl group. These two don’t really know each other, but Mi Mo is adamantly searching for love, and would probably marry Hae Joon today if he purposed, because she wants her happy ending. What she has fallen into is an idealistic trap, she is with a man who encompasses everything she has ever wanted, but she is insecure and unhappy because all the pieces aren’t in place, her prince is almost as tangible as the ones in a children’s story book. The upside to all this is that Mi Mo has the opportunity to cultivate her relationship with Soo Hyuk, as they grow in love together. Their relationship will be more substantive as they learn more about each other and not rush into things. The can enjoy the ebb and flow of their passion without the love burning so hot the fire goes out and everything fizzles. They have a chance to build a love on something concrete and realistic and not the far flung idealism fed to the masses. As they ease themselves into their relationship, I hope she sees Soo Hyuk as the perfect guy for her, even though he is far from being the perfect man.


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