Cheese in the Trap Episode 12 Video Preview

OMO!! Did I just hear In Ho say that he likes Seol?! Strong word, dude!

The long wait is finally over tonight. And what a wonderful treat this show has given! Like I’ve mentioned in my tweet, the repeat button will surely be abused tonight. I am one with all of you!! LOL.

Happy watching! Enjoy every video clip, because tomorrow is another day to keep Seol and Jung away. I mean, we need reasons to see them apart, you know.



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  • Dani says:

    Oh My, really short lived lovey dovey moment. Then along comes the talk between the two which is my favorite moment in the webtoon, but then something will hit again. I do not know if my poor heart can take it. I just want to wrap this two, uri Jung-a and Seol-a together, and protect them from the world. They have been through a lot, but I know, I know, it’s 5 more episode to go, and they need to keep hitting the momentum until the end of episode where everything will lose nook will be tighten and all problem solved. Kdrama way. But, I really do not want a surprise ending. This show never about love triangle, it’s about the development of the two, with each problems, they grow apart, and then come closer again, because they want to make it work. they are so different, yet parts of them are similar and they understand each other. My babies, I just want to be happy. If you make it different ending, am gonna send lots of complain email to you, uri director, uri writers, and tvn!!! #evil glance

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