Cheese in The Trap Recap: Episodes 7-10

In these past episodes I feel like I was watching variations of the same person from Jung, Min Soo, Yong Gon, and that pervert. Also this whole “we’re alike” speach just speaks of a desire of belonging, and feelings of acceptance.

Panty pervert is caught

As Seol was placed in a choke hold, the irony of the situation didn’t escape me, this pervert, who went around stealing panties to frame innocent men into appearing like sexual deviants, is slut shaming Seol. The ridiculousness of it all is only heightened by the fact that Seol hasn’t even kissed Yoo Jung yet. The mischaracterization of Seol, interestingly parallels what Yoo Jung has been dealing with to a certain extent, people seem quick to jump to conclusions while utilizing heuristic to fill in the details, however it seems as though no one is interested in knowing the truth.

Of course once Yoo Jung was able to get his hands on the pervert, he reacted like most boyfriends would and beat the pervert until he looked like he became one with a blowfish. During the exchange, we got a chance to learn more about Yoo Jung and his insecurities. Each time the pervert spoke, he clearly hit a nerve with Yoo Jung.  First off by touching on the fact that those who have an awareness of his darker side would turn from, yet there is so much going on with Yoo Jung’s response. His belief that Seol is similar to him is right in that they are both kind, scholastically successful and often are taken advantage of, but the way they go about solving problems is starkly different. More often than not Seol disapproves of Yoo Jung’s methods, but when he says she and him are alike it speaks to the fact that the good in Seol is something that he perceives in himself, and he hopes that Seol too would see that, which then leads to the acceptance of him as a whole person.

When Seol rejects Yoo Jung’s touch after connecting his threat with In Ho’s accusations, she exhibited a visceral reaction. She temporarily fears Yoo Jung, seeing only his actions and probably wondering if In Ho’s hand was injured in the same manner. Her behavior is the perpetuation of Yoo Jung’s fear, as if the pervert’s predictions were unfolding right before him. Fortunately, Yoo Jung did not pull away from Seol, but waited for her, because once out of the situation, she was able to see the reasoning behind his violent behavior, he was avenging her. As she held his hand, an undeniable warmth filled the atmosphere because you could feel they were connected on the same wavelength again.

Minsoo and Young Gon try to assassinate Seol and Yoo Jung’s character

I am not exactly sure what’s going on, but there is officially way too many crazy people running around on campus. At this moment I get this feeling that Min Soo and Young Gon is some warped version of Seol and Yoo Jung from an alternate universe. Both Min Soo and Young Gon are characters that lacked any social presence or impact but desired what Seol or Yoo Jung has.

When Min Soo made her reappearance resembling Seol, my initial reaction was “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.” She emulated Seol to get closer to her, however she incurred a more undesirable result, she was accused of being a fraud. What left me flabbergasted was how easily Young Gon was able to manipulate her. I understand she was vulnerable and in order to protect her self-image as well as sense of self, she bought into the garbage he spewed, but seriously it was quite a leap to accuse Seol of copying her, when it is clearly the other way around. Sadly, what Min Soo needed was recognition, she changed up her style so she could be noticed, resurrect her image, and change the course of her existence. She was able to find a “friend” in Young Gon who bolstered and sold her an overly photoshopped picture of the reality of the situation. His success is rooted in the fact that this is what she wanted to hear and only saw what she wanted to see.

On the other hand we have Young Gon who seems intent on orchestrating every situation in order to get his way.  Young Gon has made it his goal to expose Yoo Jung for being a fake. He goes to elaborate lengths to torment Seol, directly by harassing her and indirectly by harnessing Min Soo’s craziness. Like Yoo Jung, Young Gon knows how to manipulate popular opinion and has boosted his popularity by dating Da Young. He’s aware that people see what they want to see and has used it to their advantage. The chip on his shoulder is as huge as his inferiority complex, his main drive is revenge and the desire to gain acknowledgement/approval. He feels the need to pay Yoo Jung with the isolation and the humiliation he believes Yoo Jung has dealt him.

Young Gon’s plan is simple, he will tear Seol down by terrorizing her and revealing that Yoo Jung is a cheat. Broken hearted and alone, he feels she will buckle and beg him to date her, hence undoing her initial rejection of him. At the same time he gets to paint Yoo Jung in a shady light, causing him to be ousted due to the disapproval of his peers, a situation that was Young Gon’s everyday experience before returning to campus. However, things are far from being that simple because no matter how many secrets Yoo Jung has, he’s not a cheat, although it doesn’t appear that way with In Ha in the mix. The whole situation devolves to Young Gon harassing Seol like the crazy stalker he is, but she has her own plans in mind. She purposefully allows him to bother her while she catches his bad behavior on tape in hopes that she can use it as evidence to get a restraining order. All Seol’s friends are in on it with Bo Ra and Eun Taek filming in the background. In Ho on the other hand cares for no part of the plan and foils each meeting between Seol and Young Gon by chasing Young Gon away each time he sees Young Gon harassing her.

Seol learns about Young Gon and Yoo Jung’s connection

Finally the other shoe has dropped and Seol reads the texts encouraging Young Gon to pursue Seol. She is under the misunderstanding that the one behind it was Yoo Jung, when it was in fact In Ha who sent those messages. Seol confronts Yoo Jung, and he takes full responsibility. Although I was initially upset by his role in the whole thing, I also was able to appreciate Yoo Jung’s acceptance of responsibility without pushing the bulk of the blame on In Ha. Despite the fact that Yoo Jung isn’t the one who wrote the texts, he was aware of her actions and did nothing to stop it, but at least he accepted his fault in the matter. Based off his apologies it appears he did not realize that the situation would escalate to that point, which knowing what we know of Yoo Jung, this is highly unlikely. However, this is the same Yoo Jung that had a poor first impression of Seol. Also, when Yoo Jung learned of Young Gon’s harassment, Yoo Jung presumably ended it. What these series of events show us is how human Yoo Jung can be. Yoo Jung, who is basically the ambassador of perfection, has revealed that his calculation is not 100% accurate, he can’t predict everything, and like his father wisely advised him, not everything can be under his control.


These past couple of weeks have been fairly rough on our couple, but In Ho and Seol’s interaction have been a breath of fresh air. I think it is almost as therapeutic for me as it is for Seol. In Ho brings comedic relief to us, breaking up the heavy atmosphere that is brought on by Seol and Yoo Jung’s separation, but it also puts a smile on her face. He provides her with a much needed distraction, and is a reliable sounding board as she expresses her feelings about the events occurring around her.  The irony of it all is that in episode 10, Seol really let her emotions take over as she boxed then promptly told off Min Soo, and she was finally express her feelings of distress. Yet In Ho, who’s feelings are growing deeper for Seol, is being repressed. He has placed himself in a hard place, where he is placed beside the girl he likes, but can’t allow himself to act on his feelings or make said feelings known. It makes my heart break a bit for In Ho because I want his happiness, but I know he won’t find it with Seol, at least not in a romantic manner.

On the other hand I hope we are done with the nonsense surrounding Min Soo and all that is left is dealing with Young Gon, but what I am really looking forward to is the reunion between Seol and Yoo Jung. Their separation was a necessary evil as it gave Seol and Yoo Jung time to step back and realize that they were seeing each other in a way that satisfied their desires. I felt like the message that despite their separation, their love for each other remained strong and continues to grow, resonated deeply. Though Yoo Jung kept his distance as Seol tried to avoid him, he silently supported her from the sidelines and even set up the event where Seol could release her anger in a confrontation with Min Soo. As for Seol upon reflection of the entire situation she has come to understand Yoo Jung a bit better. It goes without saying that they love each other but now we are watching how they maintain their relationship and nurture it’s growth. Not being able to accept each other can poison that so taking this moment now to know and understand the other better can make all the difference in the push for longevity.


  • Aigooyobo says:

    Can i say that i am a little bit mind-blown by your analysis. Mostly, in terms of Min soo and Young Gon being an alternate to Seol and Jung. I didn’t see that at first, but it makes hella sense now. It is like their behaviors mirrors the leads, but opposite outcome. Wow, for a show about college love and such, it is freaking complex. Damn….i keep wondering….WHAT THE HECK DID I MISS OUT IN COLLEGE?

  • bmore says:

    Great analysis. I am overwhelmed by the love these 2 project in this show. Every time he hugs her I just melt and he seems to also. Eps 11-12 gave us a huge jump in relationship building and moved us back into the center of their relationship and gave us a lot of missing ( and longed for) history about both of them, but mostly Jung. I continue to obsess and rewatch episodes. The writing of these characters…all of them….is terrific. Everyone has layers, everyone has good and bad..with some more bad, but no one dimensional people here. It’s a quality of drama wrriting and acting rarely seen.

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