Fresh 1-Minute Teaser for “Descendants of the Sun” & Full MV for OST Song ‘Always’

New Descendants of the Sun goodies have dropped from the drama heavens—a new teaser and the full music video for the show’s main track ‘Always.’ And after watching these, I have to wonder if Song Hye Kyo had to take several bathroom breaks after filming a scene with Song Joong Ki—you know, to splash cold water on her face because his gaze is so steaming hot!




Teaser Translation, c/o tw20127

Mo Yeon: Why do you always think about the benefits first?

Shi Jin: Because the things I do is not beneficial to our relationship

Mo Yeon: Even so, what if I still want to come with you?

Line 4 (Myeong Joo?): I’m sorry. I can’t help but come near you despite knowing what will happen. I still love you deeply.

Dae Young: My heart changed.

Myeong Joo: I don’t believe you.

Dae Young: If you don’t have anything more to say…[I’m leaving]

Myeong Joo: Don’t be like this.

Line 10 (?): [I did this] so you wouldn’t have to worry for nothing. There will be no more lies.

Line 11 (?): What is the truth behind your lie earlier?

Line 12 (Myeong Joo?): So what will happen to us? Will we meet again? Or separate like last time?

Yoonmirae’s ‘Always’ MV



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