My heart completely shattered for him. And for that, Seo Kang Joon deserves to be the highlight of the week!

Currently he is playing the role of Baek In Ho, the guy-who-will-never-get-the-girl. My heart is crying out loud for him because he knows this fact for himself too. Usually, some second lead guys are clueless, or bursting with hope at the seams that they keep on pursuing the most lovable girl they have ever met. It is different for In Ho, and that makes him more endearing to me.

When he finally let out his feelings to Yoo Jung, I felt his sincerity. It was difficult to say it coz he knows how Jung will react. But the very essence of In Ho was poured out in that scene, his honesty even when his words hurt. In Ho is tactless, he is the type who just speaks without even thinking twice which is most often a disadvantage. Then again, this persona made his relationship with Seol great that she learned from him.


The manly brawl he had with Jung taught us the essence of fighting. When you fight, you fight with all of your strength and it doesn’t guarantee that you will go out victorious nor unscathed. There is a risk involved in every battle. For In Ho and Jung, it is a display of bromance at best! Seriously, they have the best relationship coz they really love each other that’s why every punch hurts. There are a lot of emotions in that fight scene! As I look into their past and their present, I want In Ho and Jung to be lifetime friends. Come on guys, just be together again! I am looking forward to this union.


Aww, that special look..

In Ho plus Seol is just the easiest equation to solve. They just combine so well together! Both of them are honest and they can talk for hours without feeling bored. They can eat anywhere, share one kimchi and they will be satisfied. They can easily understand one another and finish each others sentences without fail. Their relationship is so adorable, but this is why In Ho is not the chosen one for Seol. Sigh. And even if this is the case, In Ho will never stop liking Seol. Double sigh. Then again, watching them together still bring a smile to my heart.



Though it breaks my heart to watch In Ho suffer from loving Seol, sweetheart, the viewers love you a thousand more Kang Joon!


  • Teleri says:

    In REAL life, girls, IN HO is the one to go for. Never mind that Jung is rich & pulling on your heartstrings… He’s DANGEROUS in a very bad none-sexy way. Guys like that try to control you, and they tend to do sneaky stuff, and have hidden agendas, not necessarily about you. Go for the guy who tends to blurt out stuff he shouldn’t cause he’s the one who will have a hard time keeping secrets from you LOL

  • Noor says:

    It is very sad to see this this way but come on guys don’t you remember Inho is the type who gets love easily!! He isn’t complex and Seol is so much like him that is why Yoo Jung who never got love needs her. She is the one who will help him. He never had anyone!! Which is why Inho (who honestly loves Jung) will let Seol go to him!! Inho is childish Person who will do the most mature thing in the show!! He is a lead as well. Think that way don’t be upset!! Be happy

  • Nerea says:

    I’m also falling hard for him here. In Ho is absolutely adorable. Who would not fall in love with him. Sure, he is a bit hot headed but he seems to be learning how to be more sensible. Being a genius pianist also helps. And that pretty eyes… *-*
    I’m turning into a Seo Kang Joon’s fan. His acting is really touching as Baek In Ho and he brings the character to life. I hope he keeps getting better as an actor. 🙂

  • humbledaisy says:

    Y-e-e-e-s-s – but I could actually see a situation where he does share a future with Seol. It just involves some pretty dark times for other characters, though, and I’m not sure if the webtoon author is willing to go there. I suppose it depends on how long the author is going to write the series. The quick and easy route would be for Jung to change and win Seol. A long series could possibly have an open ending (like Nobuta Wo Produce) – or a complete meltdown for Jung. That one would be hard to watch, though.

  • Tres says:

    Oh, what an awesome read in that you were able to put to words a majority of my actual thoughts on the brawl and even Inho. Inho’s level of SLS kinda brings me back to Dr. Yoon Pil-joo of The Greatest Love/Best Love; perfect for the girl but never had as tragic a history as Inho’s life. I think that’s the pull of Inho as a character as well because he has a mighty baggage but is the supposed “much better for the girl” at the same time.

  • Tres says:

    Don’t get me wrong, tho. I’m totally aboard the JungSeol ship but I am not as heartbroken for Inho as I should be (or rather as how heartbroken others are) because let’s face it: KISMET. Jung & Seol were at the right place at the right time, their stars aligned, and all such similar concepts. It’s just unfortunate for Inho (and all perfect SLs for that matter) that he was a little too late on the bandwagon, so I’m not as affected.

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