“Descendants of the Sun”: Song Hye Kyo & Song Joong Ki’s Kissing Poster + Teaser for OST ‘Every Time’

I’m still waiting very anxiously for the long preview, but Descendants of the Sun has come out with another poster 😀

In this one, Song Joong Ki‘s Yoo Shi Jin appears to spring a surprise kiss on Song Hye Kyo‘s Kang Mo Yeon. It is thrilling. Huh … his lips sure do stretch for that kiss … I’m sliding into delululand now and living vicariously through Hye Kyo 😉

Ahem … meanwhile, Chen and Punch’s song ‘Every time’ is another lovely song for Descendants of the Sun, and an MV teaser for it reveals a lot more sweet moments between the leads.




Chen & Punch’s ‘Every time’



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