“One More Happy Ending” Episode 11 Video & Written Previews

I do not expect Mi Mo and Soo Hyuk to have a romantic understanding between them next episode, but I hope this week, she finally breaks it off with Hae Joon … and then, she and Soo Hyuk can hook up! 😉 Heh. Granted there are six episodes left, I’m just saying it doesn’t need to take another week to drag out our leading man’s misery and the relatable yet tiresome triangle. That might be hoping for too much, though …


Episode 11 Video Preview


Episode 11 Written Preview (c/o yaqiyuki)

“Carp, and Fool.”

Mi Mo has gone to MassPunch’s office and feels hurts seeing Soo Hyuk in trouble.

Hae Joon becomes angry as there’s nothing he can do for Mi Mo’s sake.

Mi Mo is distressed after realizing towards whom her heart is going …

Sources  |  Credit to uploader  |  Soompi, c/o yaqiyuki & emme85

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