“Descendant of the Sun” Episode 2 Video & Written Previews (UPDATED w/ Full MV of OST ‘Every Time’)

Aaah! I can’t wait for this show to be subbed! I need to watch it! I want to die from the combined attractiveness of the cast/leads. I’ve caught a few clips of the first episode, and my gaaahd, Song Joong Ki‘s eyes know how to make love. Huminah, huminah … 😉

Until I’ve actually seen the episode, I can’t judge the substance (though, I’ve come to expect Kim Eun Sook’s dramas to be more of a guilty pleasure for me—they’re addictively sappy and rife with coincidences and clichés), but for now, I’m all about the shallow aspects this show has to offer. Heeh.

From what I gather from the first episode, our main romantic leads have confirmed they already like each other, so, yeah, YAY! And it looks like they’ll be stepping up their relationship in episode 2. Bring it! 😀


Episode 2 Video Preview


Episode 2 Written Preview, c/o yaqiyuki

Mo Yeon looks at the helicopter that has left.

Meanwhile, Shi Jin is performing a life-risking mission in Afghanistan.

Shi Jin who returns from his mission encounters Mo Yeon once again …

Chen & Punch’s ‘Every Time’ Full MV


Sources  |  Credit to uploader  |  Soompi, c/o plappi & yaqiyuki


  • erika says:

    I like this drama. like both cast of song song. others say song hye gyo stiff and have zero chemistry with song jung ki but what i felt is they have that chemistry and hye kyo so cute. watch this mainly for hye kyo. I never like this writer’s drama but I like this one. hope it wont mess up for the rest of episode.

  • poe - tree says:

    I like this drama. Daebakk.. i love you Song Couple ☺

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