Moon Chae Won’s First Official “Goodbye Mr. Black” Stills

Here’s our first look at Moon Chae Won as Goodbye Mr. Black‘s Swan.

Our heroine exudes a tomboyish yet innocent charm in these stills. The hair definitely adds to her attractiveness 🙂 She’s casually dressed, and clearly, fashion and sophistication aren’t a concern for this girl, who has no hesitation browsing a street full of garbage bags. She reaches in one and seems to have found what she is looking for.

Perhaps her lack of disgust stems from the fact that the dump holds a special meaning to Swan. As a child, she was discarded in a waste dump in the slums of Thailand. However, despite a tough past, she is self-reliant, bright, and outgoing. She is also on the unrefined, but a hero who might go through a vulnerable period will need a strong woman by his side 😀

Moon Chae Won makes her official TV return on March 16!




Source  |  Enews imbc



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