“Life Risking Romance” Trailer: Ha Ji Won’s Lips Try To Score With Chen Bolin’s & Chun Jung Myung’s

What the feck did Ha Ji Won do in her past life to deserve her current great luck?! 😉

The trailer for Life Risking Romance recently dropped, and Ji Won’s new film seems fun! The actress polishes up on her comedic know-how, not to mention on her kissing skills 😀 It looks like she’s got a kissing scene with each leading man—a suave Chen Bolin and a kooky Chun Jung Myung. Like I said, she’s lucky!

Doubtlessly, this movie is a must-check-out, and I am especially intrigued by how Chen Bolin’s first foray into Korean cinema will resonate with the country’s audience. I mean, I would really love to see the [success of this] film lead to more K-ent projects for him. 🙂

Life Risking Romance is due out in theaters in April.




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  • Reverie says:

    Don’t know about this movie – based on the trailer, its not something I’m attracted to BUT wow Ha Ji Won is a chameleon – she morphs into different characters so seamlessly that I forget its her when I’m watching. I hope she picks another stellar tv drama so that she can forget the horribleness of The Time We Were Not In Love.

  • Valerie says:

    I’m a fan of Hajiwon because of her acting skill but honestly I think she doesn’t have kissing skill although her co-stars are handome guys.
    Maybe she could learn it from Kim Sun Ah (she is great on this skill 😉).

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