“Descendants of the Sun”: Song Joong Ki & Song Hye Kyo Pledge Allegiance


I don’t understand why the instant and steadfast attraction between Mo Yeon and Shi Jin was received with disapproval by some. I’ve stumbled upon a few comments that find it simply not relatable, but it’s not like it doesn’t happen in real life. It’s common, and the lot of us should be so lucky to experience it. (Just read up James Garner’s love story!) This accelerated development is also a refreshing—though, not unique—step away from the standard drama fare of teasing and making viewers wait until they’re frustrated.

On the one hand, even though Mo Yeon’s and Shi Jin’s feelings for each other have been established, I might be prematurely optimistic about the pace of the main loveline. Among Kim Eun Sook’s writing staples are clichés, so, I imagine Mo Yeon and Shi Jin could persist with the push-and-pull, maybe as much as Dae Young and Myeong Joo do. But I might get by with Shi Jin’s shameless flirting and eye sexing. Heehee.

Today, a new still of our lead couple has been released. Nothing romantic about it, but as an ardent enthusiast of their chemistry, it’s enough that the two are occupying the same scene. 😀

Next up this week, Shi Jin and Mo Yeon are reunited in Uruk after eight months, and in this still, they are shown pledging allegiance, with our soldier making a salute and our doctor laying her hand over her heart. They are loyal to their duties.

The fateful reunion heralds the beginning of real love [for the couple] in the midst of a disaster zone, but naturally, there will be the initial strange tension between them that I hope won’t drag on!



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  • erika says:

    I love how mature thier flirt and attraction.love the pace and it felt real

  • Lhalina says:

    For me having the early attraction between shi jin and mo yeon is just fine, it is somehow refreshing to watch. Two stable professionals falling in love doesn’t need a long love storyline, i think what we have to wait is how they will grow as a couple and individually inspite of their very complicated situation (diff. principles, call of duty etc.).

    Hence, i love descendants of the sun since the first episode, and i’m excited on your future recaps. 🙂

  • Amastris says:

    I’m in total agreement that the pacing is fine and the maturity level is refreshing but I’m not at all in agreement that they instantly fell in love. I also don’t get why this is so special or unique to date someone this way. It’s not love you are seeing, but attraction. Without attraction why would any dude ask a girl out? Are we all living in the stone age or arranged marriage age? You met someone new, you find them attractive, you ask for their number, then you ask them for a date to get to know them better. They didn’t kiss or hug. They went to the movies. Isn’t this what normal people do when they’re dating someone new? If you meet someone you like and don’t take the opportunity to ask them out, are you guaranteed to get another chance?

    If you like push-pull in your dramas, after watching episode 3, I can safely say that there is enough of it to go around in spades. I, for one, fully appreciated the normal, adult manner in which they met up in the first 2 episodes, where they got to know each other and then she decided, maturely, that their lifestyles didn’t match. I also appreciated that they parted respectfully, without drama, anger, and tears. It makes sense afterward that a re-connection would awkward because, regardless of lifestyle, they do understand they have an undeniable attraction to each other. Mature people understand that this may or may not be a good thing. Immature people hop into bed and deal with the consequences afterward. So, the mature way they’ve gone about this makes me wonder why people think they “fell in love” so quick. To me they approached it systematically and clearly and understood the “fell in attraction” but “attraction” alone doesn’t make a proper relationship.

    btw: behind that salute pic ^^^above Si Jin says, “It’s nice to see you again.” So, even though that still may not seem romantic, in actuality, it is very much so.

    • goodange says:

      I’m in complete agreement with you :), which was why I was careful not to say “love at first sight.” Everything that they’d done in the early episodes felt relatable to me because that’s how it is in real life a lot of the times, as you pointed out … at least, from my experience and that of people I know.

      The instant attraction is special because in terms of K-drama norm, well, this isn’t exactly one. We don’t usually get the immediate draw between the leads and the kind of mature and natural way they went about acting on that attraction. The tension, push-and-pull, and denial of feelings come first before the leads actually acknowledge their feelings for the other. And it’s also special because the attraction is obviously so deep that even though they’ve only spent a few moments together, they recollect those times even after eight months. Most people would have moved on from it, but with these two, there isn’t closure.

      As for the salute pic, to be fair, this still and post were shared a day before the episode aired, before we could find out the actual dialogue and context of the scene. Who knew it would actually turn out to be romantic? I’m very happy it did. 🙂

      Anyway, I love reading your thoughts!!! 🙂 And I hope to continue reading more from you. By chance do you post on the drama’s Soompi thread? If not, then, you should share your views there, too, as people would really appreciate them 🙂

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