“One More Happy Ending” Episode 13 Video Preview (UPDATED w/ Written Preview)

The preview for episode 13 of One More Happy Ending is here! I cannot wait! I just can’t wait for this episode! 😀

I love every lead girl on this show and all four love lines, but I do wish Dong Mi would have more screen time than she’s been getting. I think I laugh at every scene she’s in, and Yoo In Na has quickly become my new girl-crush 🙂



Episode 13 Written Preview, c/o yaqiyuki

“Starting again like that …”

After spending happy times with Soo Hyuk together, Mi Mo’s fears grew more and tells Da Jung about her feelings.

Meanwhile, to Dong Mi who is suspicious of Jung Woo approaching herself, he confesses to her that it’s because he likes her …


Sources  |  Credit to uploader  |  Soompi, c/o emme85  & yaqiyuki



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