“Descendants of the Sun” Episodes 3 & 4 Official Stills


I am genuinely enjoying Kim Eun Sook‘s Descendants of the Sun. It isn’t a masterpiece, but the story is compelling, and while there are cliché moments, Eun Sook still manages to give them a touch of freshness. I love it when a drama, like Misaeng, is profoundly deep and thought-provoking, but often times, I just want to be entertained without feeling like my brain and heart have been on a treadmill.

I also confess that Song Joong Ki is a great motivation to watch this show. Heehee. I think there were four or five instances today when I squeed in the middle of work, thinking about the way he stares … and his body … Ahhgad, that body! LOL. I don’t know how Song Hye Kyo handled their scenes together!

Anyway, check out some official stills of our hunky lead from episodes 3 and 4!

*Featured image is an edited screen cap.




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  • Aoi says:

    The first two eps were eye candy , but lately they seem to have introduced some moral dilemmas and conflict of interest.. If it continues in the same way, I think I’ll be able to finish

    But yea.. haha SJK is a major reason for watching !! Something just clicks for him in this role despite his flower boy looks, I’m actually buying into Capt Yoo’s persona.. And I’m mighty impressed with his handling of the English parts. He is at ease and enunciates clearly and basically acts through his English parts as well

    • goodange says:

      Yeah, I’ve been very impressed with his acting, too. 🙂 And he does look like a flower boy, but according to Song Hye Kyo, he’s a sangnamja … RAWR!

  • Mitali says:

    Song couple is awesome 😍😍😍

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