“Descendants of the Sun”: Kim Ji Won Puckers Up To Jin Goo + Song Joong Ki Behind The Scenes


Because of my addiction, I have turned our blog into Descendants of the Sun central … (Sorry to the other authors.) If the characters weren’t so intriguing and layered and the story didn’t have a solid pace with captivating developments, then, I would probably be more productive outside of Couch Kimchi. LOL. And production knows how to keep this fangirl high!

Just ahead of the 5th episode, new stills of our 2nd OTP have been released, and I am betting this scene is a flashback, when Jin Goo‘s Dae Young and Kim Ji Won‘s Myeong Joo were still a happy couple that wore matching outfits. Kim Ji Won gets her aegyo on for this scene as she leans across the table towards Jin Goo, holding his hand and serving up her foamy lips to him. Rather than a kiss, however, he wipes the foam off her lips. As we explore their past, I also hope we’ll begin to see more development in their relationship in the present day because I am rooting for these two. Damn you, General Dad!

Meanwhile, an abundance of fresh stills of Song Joong Ki has also been unveiled for our drooling pleasure. There may have been grueling parts of the experience for him, but I think filming Descendants of the Sun ranks high among his career highlights.





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