“Goodbye Mr. Black”: Lee Jin Wook Seriously Eyes Moon Chae Won (UPDATED With More Images)


Lee Jin Wook and Moon Chae Won prove their explosive chemistry in these new Goodbye Mr. Black stills.

With a script in her hand, Chae Won holds a conversation with her leading man. As Jin Wook messes around with a net, he’s clearly focused on everything’s she’s saying just before they film their scene. Their teamwork is intimately comfortable. Heeh.

Goodbye Mr. Black will start airing next week on March 16th.




Sources  |  enews24  |  MBC Naver Blog



  • carl says:

    Did Moon get plastic surgery? Her face looks different.

  • Cecilia Raniz Tugare says:

    What’s the brand of watch Moon chae won wearing? I’ve noticed this since episode 1 up to episode 10. It is nice like Kim go eun wearing in Cheese in the trap (Daniel Wellington is the brand). HOw about Moon’s please?

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