“One More Happy Ending” Episode 15 Video & Written Previews

I feel for the cast of One More Happy Ending. This show will be going out this week with a ratings whimper, and considering the juggernaut that Descendants of the Sun has become, it also doesn’t bode well for MBC’s replacement, Goodbye Mr. Black.

To an extent, the writing can be faulted for the decreasing viewership, as some were disappointedly surprised by forced twists. I mean, Mi Mo really is a goldfish, swimming in a small fish tank as she learns that her ex-husband is actually engaged to her current love’s sister. 🙁 And my wish for more Dong Mi screen time has remained just that.

Despite all this, though, I stay loyal to the show because I still love all the girls and their individual relationships, and Soo Hyuk is that second male lead [in other dramas] that we always hoped could be the main guy. He’s just a great character!

Anyway, with all the twisted connections, how will Mi Mo and Soo Hyuk’s relationship be affected? Will Dong Mi really break up with her much younger boyfriend?



Episode 15 Written Preview, c/o yaqiyuki

‘Remarriage, is that eventually something hard?’

Soo Hyuk calls Mi Mo to have a meal together with his sister Si Ah and her fiance,

Mi Mo and Seung Jae go to the venue only to discover each other and freeze at that moment.

Both of them introduce each other as “alumni who are not close,” but Soo Hyuk coincidentally hears Seung Jae’s phone conversation …

Sources  |  Soompi, c/o emme85 & yaqiyuki  |  Credit to uploader

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