“Descendants of the Sun” Episode 7 Video Preview + Episode 6 Clips of Both OTPs

I now measure my days in terms of Descendants of the Sun‘s broadcast schedule. That is, my week starts and ends with this show. LOL. And my addiction is so bad that my desktop is filled with screen caps of the drama. I need to be committed …

With a catastrophic earthquake striking Urk, both our OTPs meet up again. As everyone pulls their weight to help alleviate the aftermath of the disaster, it seems that next episode our leading men might also be in danger, distressing Mo Yeon and Myeong Joo.

Damn! The melo might be hefty next week.


Episode 7 Video Preview


Episode 6 Clips: Dae Young & Myeong Joo and Shi Jin & Mo Yeon



Sources  |  Soompi, c/o Mayiya  |  DramaKBS



  • Rerz says:

    That gaze, Captain Shi jin.. I just.. I can’t.. That speaks more than thousands words.

    Song joong ki is love <3. So proud of him! He can really act for sure. This is why I love him even more. Aaarrghhh. Excuse my fangirling, heeee

  • SSS says:

    i like couch kimchi. It’s the best ………..i love you shk &sjk. DESCENDANTS OF THE SUN is wonderful*****…..i am waiting ost part 6 please put it^_^ ……….i am Worry Captain Shi jin T_T T_T

  • SHH says:

    YEEESSSSSSS to this, YEEEESSSSSSS to those clips.

    I’ve got no words, just feels.

  • lily says:

    I really hope kmy will admit that her heart desired for ysj seems in the ep 7 preview she cried so hard when there’s no news about ysj’s safety in the colapsed building. so another week to wait……

  • cidorta says:

    Goodange you are not the only one feeling the way you feel about this drama, me too can’t wait until next week

  • June says:

    Hi dear all,

    Does anyone know the new song in this episode 6, in the scense captain Shin & Sheo try to escape from the soldiers and one more in the scence Sheo & Ji Woon fall in love togerther? Please tell me know 🙁

    I can hear that song have the sentence “don’t make me cry” .. but I can’t find in google. Maybe it’s new song written for the film.

    Thanks so much <3

  • SSS says:

    omg………i am wrong …i mean ost part 5…….i am not find. iam just find TEASER. ^-^

    please put it.

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