“Descendants of the Sun”: Song Hye Kyo’s Episode 5 Stills (UPDATED With New Images)


I know I spazz over Song Joong Ki a lot, but I haven’t overlooked Song Hye Kyo‘s charm in Descendants of the Sun. She especially shines when her character, Mo Yeon, touts her confidence and Lucy Ricardo-like brashness. However, she is likewise endearing when she bares her vulnerability and knotty emotions. As opposed to what some might see, I don’t find her acting at all wooden during the heavy points in the drama, but Song Joong Ki is definitely slaying her with his sensuous gaze.






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  • erika says:

    I like her playing MY. some people said she so stubborn and bossy but I find it as stating what her mind is and try to stick with it. she already compromise with how medical world rotating. she just being careful with SJ. because one point she know he will have a chance to die in battlefield, seems like womanizer so she just trying to think hard how to deal with her feeling because she’s being careful.

  • Aoi says:

    Hmm. . I really really want to like SHK in this drama.. she totally killed it with her acting in This Winter…

    Here, she seems to swing between her Full House brash persona and her This Winter style stoic acting.. There is just no middle ground or transitions and she keeps her face blank when her partner is emoting..

    So, yea, her acting isn’t doing it for me in this drama

    • goodange goodange says:

      It’s interesting you mentioned Full House because she did say in an interview that this is like the grown-up version of her [past] character on that show.

      Anyway, I hope as the show progresses, her acting improves in your eyes :).


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