“Goodbye Mr. Black” Official Posters

There are five official posters for Goodbye Mr. Black—so far, at least, but that’s plenty enough.

The concept of the visuals isn’t just working to fit the title, but also subscribes to the the drama’s theme of revenge. In nearly all the posters, the characters, most of whom are garbed in various black outfits, are bathed in foggy darkness, and every person’s face is engraved with an austere expression.

Goodbye Mr. Black premieres next week, March 16.




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  • Aoi says:

    IA. There is nothing particularly in the posters that screams “revenge”..that same style could stand in for a mystery /horror drama..

    Song Jaerim ! Why so bored looking ? I’m expecting a meaty role for Kim Kang woo and SJR

    • sarangchaeki says:

      Based on everything that I have read, their expressions here are pretty accurate to their characters. Song Jae Rim’s character is the one that has the least number of information circulating but I do feel that he’s a lonely character here based on the very limited information that I got. Oh my, I’m excited for this one. I don’t doubt these actors skills and excellence in what they do. Fighting!!

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