“Descendants of the Sun” Episode 6 Official Stills


My desktop and phone wallpapers are now set to Descendants of the Sun. Yep, my fanaticism is almost complete. I just need to kidnap Song Joong Ki and make him marry Song Hye Kyo, Park Bo Young, or preferably me, and I’ll be certifiable. LOL.

Anyway, what’s also great about this show is that because production has completed, we’re never starved for goodies. There are always high quality stills for our eyes to devour! Of course, it would be more awesome if there were BTS videos to go along with them …

I’m too lazy to add anything else, so, I hope no one minds that I re-post my thoughts from Soompi:

If it were any other drama, I might be annoyed with the persistent push-and-pull, but the show has only had 6 episodes and the main conflict holding Shi Jin and Mo Yeon from being together is interpersonal rather than a forced external issue. (I’m thankful there’s no love triangle/square interfering with them.) They don’t pussyfoot around with their thoughts, but they don’t have the same emotional pace. She wants to be with him, but she’s not ready—or at least, she wasn’t. He’s set on getting a commitment rolling while she’s still trying to sort out her feelings, especially as it relates to his convictions as a soldier. He’s guarded, partly because it’s part of the job and partly because there are things in his past that he doesn’t seem prepared to share with her … probably as he himself hasn’t come to terms with them. Being a soldier is not just a profession to him, but also a lifestyle. He wants her to be in his life, but [as long as he remains guarded,] paradoxically, she’s also shut out of what essentially defines him.

I think her growth will come when she fully understands the essence of his duties. Mo Yeon’s the type of person with cut-and-dry convictions, but her time with Shi Jin in Urk has challenged those. Her feelings are nudging her to be flexible, which is why it isn’t surprising that she has regrets after he leaves. We’ve all had regrets, so, no matter in what kind of context we’ve experienced them, that moment is still tangentially relatable. I like that she worries that a second chance with Shi Jin has dissipated because not only does it prove that she likes him more than she has allowed herself to be, but she’s no longer holed up in her convictions … She’s closer to trusting who Shi Jin is.

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  • Redd says:

    My only hope is, the plot develops stronger and please don’t dissapointed us. I’ve seen a very promising drama at the start but ended up badly. So.. Please don’t! Thanks for your updates! Love it.

    You are my everythiiinggg~~~~~~~

    The ost is quite addictive, lol.

  • Aoi says:

    Wow!:These stills are gorgeous !!! This is where I felt the difference in the production value from other dramas.. The disaster sequences were pretty realistic and we’ll executed .

    I totally get your point that half the uniqueness in this romance is driven by differing personalities. Shijin is charm personified , but he has a strange way of getting under Moyeon ‘s skin without revealing anything about his inner self. That is why the few times he shares his thoughts. . About patriotism , about his regrets resonate so strongly .. We literally know next to nothing about his inner life, except in those charged situations when he actually reveals his layers

  • diana says:

    If you like war dramas.. I suggest checking out Battle of Changsha.. My all time favorite drama in terms of plot and executions.

  • Beez says:

    I absolutely ABHOR war dramas but I’m LOVING THIS!

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