“Goodbye Mr. Black”: Lee Jin Wook & Moon Chae Won Are Hands On


It’s curtains up for Goodbye Mr. Black later today, and to stoke the anticipation, production has released new stills of Lee Jin Wook and Moon Chae Won.

The scene is apparently when their characters first meet, and despite being strangers, there’s already physical contact between them during their initial encounter, but the setting could be better. Black is in his full navy uniform when he meets the tomboy Swan, who seems to be sitting on top of a pile of garbage. What’s especially captivating the eyes of netizens is their “handsy” interaction. Black seems curiously attentive … What could be going on in this scene?

The two leads deserve major props, as it is said that they withstood the heat and stench of trash while filming the scene.




Source  |  Top Star News


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