“Descendants of the Sun” Leads Are All Casual at Packed Mid-Series Press Meet (UPDATED)


KBS is capitalizing on the success of Descendants of the Sun, holding a small press conference today, and all four leads were there! 😀

Having waited for hours for any news on it, I worried that KBS might have been trolling us! But, the network kept its word, as the cast entertained press questions at the Hyundai Motor Studio in Gangnam, Seoul.

As it was low key (yet packed), the cast dressed casually, but all still looked great. At the event, the stars revealed more of their thoughts about the show, filming certain scenes, and each other.

Thanks to several DOTS fans/interpreters on Soompi, we can share some bits that the cast talked about:

  • Song Joong Ki reassured folks that even with this explosive success, he will remain the same person. (He’s sexy and humble!)
  • Worried about the audience reaction, Song Joong Ki was unsure about the intensity he should put into the wine kiss, wanting it to be believable, but he was thankful that it was well-received.
  • Song Hye Kyo sees huge similarities between Song Joong Ki and his character, Yoo Shi Jin. However, she quickly noted that Joong Ki is more focused than Shi Jin. Likewise, she finds that Joong Ki thinks things through before speaking out, as opposed to his very direct character.
  • Hye Kyo praised Joong Ki’s acting, feeling honored to be working with him 🙂 And although he’s younger than she is, Joong Ki is very knowledgeable that she can learn a lot from him. On the one hand, Joong Ki was apparently initially nervous about starring opposite Hye Kyo, but filming with her was great.
  • All four leads are watching the drama. Song Joong Ki finds it refreshing even if he feels awkward watching his own show. It’s also a way for him to study his acting, and he feels there’s room for him to improve. Hye Kyo seems more at ease with the viewing experience, feeling excited for each upcoming episode, and while she remembers every scene she filmed with Joong Ki, she is happy to watch Jin Goo and Kim Ji Won‘s parts as she hasn’t seen those before. Jin Goo, meanwhile, appears to relate to the fans, being intrigued by the Song-Song couple 😀 Kim Ji Won is definitely like the rest of us, as she also watches the reruns!
  • When asked to choose between Song Hye Kyo and Kim Ji Won, Jin Goo chose the former, adding that he hopes to work opposite her in the future.
  • While he’s happy about the bromance with Jin Goo, Joong Ki feels he has more chemistry with Hye Kyo as the show is a romantic drama. LOL.
  • Apparently, Jin Goo opened an Instagram account to feel the DOTS craze. Heh.
  • Song Joong Ki is very fond of the script, enjoying it each time he reads it, and his favorite line is from a scene in episode 3—a medical crisis involving the Arab leader—when Shi Jin tells Mo Yeon, “Then, save him.”
  • Joong Ki also claims that the show’s screenplay is the best one he’s ever seen.

Apparently, there was a lot more revealed at this press conference, so, I’m glad this happened 😀 If more people come forward with additional translations/updates, then, we’ll see about doing another post … For now, enjoy the above list and the accompanying pics!




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  • Laura says:

    Son tan jóvenes e increíbles ! que placer me da ver tanta calidad en su trabajo,.Daria todo por estar frente a ellos y felicitarlos como corresponde.

  • Ratue says:

    Thank you! I am looking forward to the updates, hehe. SJK still have the flower boy aura, doesnt he?

  • Ainal Zainal says:

    Please be prepared to do a special edition….or 3 or 4….

  • tina says:

    Where can you watch the actual press conference?

  • goodange says:

    I have not come across a video of the press conference. I think there are shaky shots from press people’s phones, but otherwise, this was a very low-key (though, well-attended) event.

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