“Descendants of the Sun”: Two Previews of Episode 8 + Episode 7 Select Clips

Okay, this show is seriously sucking productive time out of my life … Uhmhehehe …

Episode 7 focused on the disaster and our leads doing what they can to save lives all while toughing out their emotions. In the midst of everything, both main and secondary love stories go on, as the OTPs continue to reveal more about each other. Shi Jin, in particular, is still transparent about his feelings for Mo Yeon.

Similar circumstances spill over into the next episode, but by how much will Mo Yeon’s feelings for Shi Jin budge? Will she reject him for the nth time? Heh. She’s in a difficult spot because how does a girl work out her complicated feelings for a man in the middle of a life-or-death situation …

*There are two different previews for episode 8!


Episode 8 Video Previews

Episode 8 Video Preview Translation, c/o ayronics

Mo Yeon: Do you have to risk your life in doing everything you do?

Shi Jin: I am a very capable man. I am good at my work area (I won’t get injured?)

Myeong Joo: What’s the situation in there?

Unidentified voice: Aftershocks, everyone! Evacuate!

Chi Hoon: Ss … sorrry.

Myeong Joo: What’s that sound? The power plant! Go check!

Unidentified voie: What happened to your hand?

Dae Young: Big boss! Big boss! Can you hear me? Reply!

Myeong Joo: What are you doing? It just started.

Mo Yeon: I have to be prepared to run to the scene. I cannot fall apart.

Chi Hoon: Anyone here? Someone died!


Episode 7 Select Clips

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