More Beanpole Accessory S/S 2016 Visuals Feat. Park Hae Jin

Working on Cheese in the Trap may have turned sour for Park Hae Jin, but his popularity remains intact (as public opinion is also largely on his side), and so, he’s still an endorsement magnet.

Here he is in some more S/S 2016 ads for BEANPOLE ACCESSORY.




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  • nondairy says:

    Although i am suffering fr YJSunbae withdrawal, the styling on this shoot is still TOO YJ-like. Would love to see some shots with his fringe swept up, showing some of PHJ’s own manly charms…

  • dwarf says:

    I like him but the pic with him pushing the bike INDOORS like he’s going to bike from 1 end of the room to the other had me laughing 😂

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